My First On The 1st!!! TZL Book Release & More…

CelebrateIt’s official!  Today is the release day for The Zen Lounge!!  Thank you to everyone who has put up bared with me during my first book publication – what an experience!  And to all of the amazing staff over at Red Sage Publishing who made this day a reality!

To my best friend, Kelly: Thank you for always making me push SEND!

Mom: Thank you for editing for me (among other things) when I was crazy-glued to your side, because my hands were utterly useless and I was on deadline!  I still don’t think it’s okay for you to read this book, so I’m going to pretend that you’re not.

I’d like to offer a virtual toast to all my friends here in the blogosphere, (or drink the real stuff, if you’ve got it!), for sharing this exciting new leap with me.  This is only the beginning!

Also, for today only, you can check out my Author Interview over at the amazing Love, Lust & Lipstick Stains!

The Zen Lounge.Final.niina

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Welcome to the Zen Lounge, twenty-one floors of customizable carnal pleasures to fulfill your wildest fantasies. Even in the year 2192, it shouldn’t exist but Voryk Kade simply couldn’t ignore the urge to take a closer look. What he finds is a woman bent on ruining everything he’d ever believed to be true. She holds the key to all of Voryk’s darkest, neediest desires and despite her silence, provides the proof behind his belief that there is something far seedier going on under the high-end gloss of professional eroticism.

Enlisting the help of his closest friends, Voryk’s only goal is to keep Nexlana safe, naked and his. Unfortunately, she was already someone’s favorite pet and when Master comes calling, it’s with a vengeance and the intent of never letting her slip away again. Haunted pasts continue to resurface, only Nexlana’s might be far deadlier than any of them could have guessed—connections between her, arson, an assassination and a cold case no one ever wanted to delve into again. To stop the worst case scenario from taking place, they must finally figure out just who in the hell the Master really is.  

4 responses to “My First On The 1st!!! TZL Book Release & More…”

  1. I’m so thrilled that my sister (Kelly) was able to make you to push “send.” I don’t know anyone who’s been able to refuse her annoying “DO IT DO IT” It’s been a long time coming you’ve stressed & worried if you’d ever get here & NOW you’ve done it just like we all knew you would. I’m over the top PROUD YOU!! Good job kid.


    1. Thank you so much, big sis! Love you! ❤


  2. Just downloaded this. I was sold once I’d read the excerpt. Let me know where you’d like me to leave a review once I’ve finished.


    1. Thanks, Carrie! I hope you like it and you can post the review wherever you like (I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s a good one!) 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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