My Green Life (Mi Verde Vida)

First, before I begin with today’s first official NaBloPoMo Prompt, I’d like to announce that The Zen Lounge has been listed under Love, Lust & Lipstick Stains “Reads of The Week!”  Check out their website to find out even more!

Write about an amazing imaginary brand or organization you’d love to work with. What would their pitch to you look like? What would your post say?


Welcome to Mi Verde Vida. A unique, one-stop Recycling and Shopping Center that gives you, the buyer, all of the power on how you choose to live and spend Green!

Our state-of-the-art facilities are 100% environmentally friendly, powered by renewable energy and the best water conservation system available!  Let’s take a step-by-step tour of what our recyclables go through once they enter our center.

First, How do the recyclables get to Mi Verde Vida?  There are actually three distinct ways:

  1. MVV has an on-site donation collection center that is open 24/7 except on major holidays.
  2. We also have donation stations set up in various locations across the country.
  3. We offer scheduled pick-ups directly from your home, just like any other refuse/recycling service!

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these options, please visit our main website to see location maps or set up your scheduled pick-ups today!

Second, the recyclables are taken to MVV’s processing center, where the usable items are first separated from the non-usable items.  These two collections are then shipped to different sides of the processing center.  One side is to further sort and begin breaking down the usable items.  The other side is set up to carefully and safely dispose of the non-usable items in accordance with the strictest environmental laws.

Once the usable items have been sorted and broken down into what we then term “materials,” they are sent to the manufacturing floor.  This is where all of our recycled goods are made for both wholesale and retail.  Everything from curtains to lamps, to numerous styles of home and garden decor.  Mi Verde Vida only offers 100% Recycled Products!

It is lastly, at the point of purchase when all of the power is handed over to you, the consumer.  50% of every item purchased at Mi Verde Vida goes to the Environmental Charity of your choice (, Greenpeace, Wildlife Conservation Network, just to name a few!)  This includes both Wholesale and Retail.  Simply choose which organization you would like your proceeds to be donated to and we will send you a Tax-Deductible receipt with your delivery invoice!

We here at Mi Verde Vida would like to thank you for taking the time to explore our rapidly growing facility.  We hope you’ll take the opportunity to help us make this world a much safer, cleaner, Greener place to live for all!   One World, One People! Go Green!


*I actually fully fleshed out this idea for one of my many unpublished novels collecting dust in My Documents.  Hopefully, you’ll see it in publication one day, but even better would to actually see a real facility like Mi Verde Vida (My Green Life) in operation across the globe!  Thanks for stopping by and reading!*

2 responses to “My Green Life (Mi Verde Vida)”

  1. It really isn’t all that difficult.

    A simple solution to future pollution is depicted in this cartoon . . . . . .



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