Today Was A Good Day

GoodDayHi! How was your day?

Between our careers, our family members, children, friends and those random strangers that can pop up and turn our every days into chaos, how many nights do you go to bed and think, “By George, today was a good day!” ?

If your life is anything like mine (and everyone else living on this precious planet of ours) a “Good day” is a rare occurrence.  Do you document those days?  Jot them down in a journal or in your Twitter/Facebook status archives for future reference?  Maybe we should.  Maybe documenting the positive should be just as vitally important as venting all of the stress that happens in between.  That way we can look back and remember how it was we managed to have that great day.  Not the “okay” day, or the “I survived” day, but that jewel of a “Great Day!”

In my world, I have 2 different kinds of good days.  A good Writing Day or a good Overall Day.  The latter, of course, is the better of the two.  A good overall day is one where by some miracle, I found utter balance in all things creative and domestic.  Where I got both writing and housework done.  I managed to stay productive from sunup to sundown and even found personal, downtime where I focused on fun rather than obligations.  That’s my ideal Great Day!

What’s your idea of a “Great Day”?  Does it include a nice balance of all things, or does it just need one or two specific elements?  Do the simpler things turn your average day into something special, or does it take a once-in-a-lifetime surprise?

3 thoughts on “Today Was A Good Day

  1. At my age, a good day starts out with me waking up and still being alive and ends with me going to bed and still being alive! A great day is when I get things accomplished in between waking up and going to bed. So yeah…simple things.


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