Writing Controversy

controversyToday’s NaBloPoMo Prompt asks: What is the most controversial thing you’ve ever written on your blog? 

For the most part, I try my hardest to avoid controversial subjects, because this is my professional blog, not a personal one.  I believe I may have even written that exact sentence in a previous post.  However, I’m not always immune to touching on things that affect me both personally and professionally.  As, you can read in what I feel is my most controversial post: “Sex & Romance in Epic Fantasy/SciFi.

For the record, I’m not even sure the post would be considered controversial, since it doesn’t talk about anything political, religious or theoretical in nature.

What compelled you to write it?

Honestly?  I was hurt by someone I thought cared about me, because it was made painfully clear that they felt my chosen genre wasn’t considered ‘real’ literature.  That I was wasting my time and talent on ‘trash’ rather than novels any intellectual reader would spend their money on.  That there was no way I’d ever see the NY Times Best Sellers List, unless I gave up writing what I loved and started writing something that I, and my family, could actually be proud of.

I’m not going to get into my reaction to all of that again, since I already covered it – for the most part – in my controversial post.  I will only state here that my views and choices have not changed and I am very proud of my work regardless of what others think about it.  The rest, you’ll just have to read for yourself.

2 responses to “Writing Controversy”

  1. Controversy and battles are the same, it’s always wise to chose which ones are important.


    1. That is very true, archecotech, thank you for commenting!


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