epic-failEpic Failure! Well, I guess if you’re going to do anything, make sure it’s in a major way, right?  So NaBlo is a total bust this month and since I’m battling a massive head cold that came out of nowhere, with the daunting task of baking pies and trying to make sure Thanksgiving dinner goes off without a hitch tomorrow, I really can’t imagine finding too many inspirational things to write about right now.

If I do though, y’all be the first to know.  Maybe I’ll write up a new recipe book of how things taste on Thanksgiving when your sinuses are all clogged up and you’ve taken so may cough drops, cherry menthol is now the permanent flavor of your taste buds…

Hope everyone elses Thanksgiving is going a little smoother, or at least with the ability to taste all that delicious food!

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