New Year Makeover!

Hi! Welcome to the new blog, what do you think?

January is right around the corner and I thought “What a good time to totally jazz up the old blog!” I’m really liking it, myself. Been here since October of 2013 with the same theme, which I still have, but never really poked around too much to see what personal touches I could put in place.

Of course, for all of us still using WordPress for free, we’re already aware of the limitations on our ability to really spruce up a blog without forking out the yearly subscription cost. I’m an author not a day trader, but I was also really, really bored with the white walls, if you know what I mean! So I got nerdy and checked into it and Wallah! Turns out WP does have certain free themes that allow just enough wiggle room to put up some new wallpaper and curtains. 😉

I lucked out already having one of those themes. I really like the layout and cringed at the idea of having to shop for a new one. With the New Year looming ahead, I’ve also decided it was time to get a little more organized. I’ve updated all of those nifty pages there on the menu bar. Added quick links to my poems, since… you know, I’m not a poet.

Unfortunately, I’ve also been going through and deleting old posts regarding my unpublished works – for future publication purposes – so there’s a little bit of construction still going on. Or maybe it’s just remodeling? Redecorating! Yeah, I like that better.

Just out of curiosity, what would you change about your blog if you had complete design control? Let me know if you do make any, and I’ll be sure to come check it out!

Happy Tuesday

2 responses to “New Year Makeover!”

  1. I keep wanting a slider for my linked book covers. There is one free theme that does this, but the orientation is all horizontal, and book covers are vertical. I believe it’s called iTheme.


    1. I’m not sure if it’s out there, but I’ve seen quite a few websites offering free tools, plugins and widgets for WordPress blogs, with instructions on how to install them, but I think it just depends on if WP allows you to without paying for it. If you find one, let me know, I’d like to see how it looks on your blog!

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