The End


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I recently tweeted about the different ways new story ideas can come to us.  How some can come on quickly and with so much detail, you feel like a spasmodic jackrabbit on the keyboard, trying to get it all down before you forget anything.  Then, there’s the slow birth; those ideas that seem like distant sparks you’re struggling to fan into glowing embers, then small flames, then comfortable fires and finally, infernos.

I think I compared those story ideas to trying to break down a stone wall with a stick.  It feels like scraping mortar with the wrong tool.

But, what about The End idea?  Has anyone ever had the idea for the ending of a book first?  Do you work backwards from the end or forward from the beginning to the end you had in mind?  How do you keep the end from altering along the way?  I like my ending and really wouldn’t want it to change, but writing in reverse may be beyond my skill set.

I used to work mazes from Finish to Start.  Does that mean that when you start from the end, you’ll always wind up at the beginning along the right path or does that just mean that I’m a cheater?  It’s a brand new year.  I’m contemplating many changes, but that’s probably not one of them.  I’m fairly certain there’s only one way out of the labyrinth once you find yourself at the end.

You bribe the Minotaur. 


2 thoughts on “The End

    • Personally, I’m not uncomfortable with the idea that we live in a continuum, but I’ve learned that if I want to sell books, I definitely need to have a beginning, middle and end. Not necessarily in that order, though… 😉 Thanks for commenting!

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