To Dragon or Not to Dragon?

Is anyone out there familiar with the Dragon speech-to-text software?  Not the free sample that comes with your phone’s swype keyboard, but the actual computer program?  I’ve been wondering if I should try it or not, since my hands keep having problems.  Of course, I don’t exactly write the kind of books I can speak aloud around my kids, either… which is why I’m only ‘considering’ it at this point.  If anyone has any feedback or opinions on it, though, I’d greatly appreciate it.


The Zen Lounge has another tour stop this week.  Starting tomorrow morning, I’ll be over at Dena Garson’s site Real… Hot… Romance… with another exclusive interview from yours truly, as well as a chance to get in on the prize rafflecopter!  That’s a FREE $10 Amazon / B&N gift card or a FREE e-book copy of The Zen Lounge each going to a random participant, and it doesn’t matter when you join, just as long as you get in on it before March 10th!

Have A Great Week Everyone!


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