Two Some?

Well, it’s not a two-for – but, I do have two very exciting announcements to share!  The first is that Hearthstone Alpha has been accepted by my editor! It was actually accepted yesterday, but I’ve been filling out the forms for it, so it took me a second to get on here, sorry for the delay.  Go figure that writing Blurbs is actually harder than writing the whole book! I’m really looking forward to working more on the series and already have a good start on the second book.  Just keeping my fingers crossed the muse doesn’t run out on me anytime soon!

My second announcement, is for my blog tour:  Tomorrow I will be over at Long and Short Reviews with a guest blog on some researching tips I use and of course, the prize rafflecopter!  Only one more week to get in on the chance to win some free stuff!

Happy Monday!

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