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So, yesterday was Tuesday and I didn’t get a Triple Lyrics post up here.  Mostly, because I was writing and it was going really well.  Also, because I haven’t been exploring a lot of new music lately, as much as I’ve been listening to old stuff that I’ve already shared with everyone.  I will have to try to look into that for next week (hopefully).

I discovered something interesting about one of my unfinished stories not too long ago, that I never knew.  It was 100% inspired by just one song.  I know, that’s crazy right?  How could I not realize that at the time?  I’m not sure, but I’m thinking it must have been a subconscious thing.  I just happened to start writing the story around the same time one of my favorite bands released a new album and it was the only CD I listened to for like months.

While I find it kind of fascinating, how my characters, their back stories and their personalities are almost wrapped completely around the song, I feel like I need to write the songwriter and ask permission to ever publish it! Ha-ha! Okay, maybe it’s not that bad and the book is all about music, so perhaps it wasn’t as subconscious as much as just perfect timing?

It makes me really curious if musicians get a lot of requests from authors to use their works in their books, though?  I tend to use partial lyrics as quotes or name a band/song my character might be listening to in the storyline, but I can’t say I’ve ever had the desire to incorporate an entire song due to it’s powerful inspiration.

I might just have to look into that!  Okay, for inquiring minds, here is that inspiring song:


None of you happen to have Brad Arnold’s address just lying around, do you?  No?  K, just checking!

Happy Hump Day!



5 responses to “Inspiration of Song”

  1. I woke this morning, got my Nook and my coffee and started to do a little wandering. I saw you on in someone’s collection( I’m there, too) and followed a link here ( I have 2 blogs here, too) The song you put here. Very powerful. Excellent lyrics Finding good lyrics is always a pleasure especially when you can relate to them. My younger self spent years writing music, singing and performing. Today I do still write and record music and it is tired into the sorry of my one blog My Name is Jamie. My Life in Prison . Congrats on your book. I’m understanding the work it takes because I’m also writing a book “Inside the Forbidden Outside” There are four chapters posted on the blog. Soooo…you are my new “find” of the day! I’ll will go check out your book, too. Have a great day. Hmmm, I think ill reblog this on my other blog, and see if I can help you along.

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    1. Oops spell check got me again!My book isn’t “tired” into the “sorry” of my blog! How about tied into the story?


    2. Thank you, Sonniq. I love having those kind of ‘finds’ while I’m cruising around the internet, too, but this might be the first time I’ve ever been the ‘find,’ it’s rather exciting! I imagine writing and recording music has to be a labor of love, much like writing a novel, if it’s too easy, then you’re not doing it right. I’m not the musician, but my dad and his whole side of the family are and I’m so grateful to have been raised in that environment. I’m glad you liked the video, 3 Doors Down is one of the best bands for inspiring, thought-provoking lyrics. Thank you for re-posting, I will go take a peek at your blogs and see what they’re all about! Have a great day!

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      1. Yes, I really liked those lyrics and listen to more of their music. Writing this blog about Jamie Cummings life has been very emotional. His pain and loneliness comes through. That is when I sit and play and just plug my keyboard into my computer. Everything is improvised.

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  2. Reblogged this on Watch and Whirl and commented:
    I “accidentallly” found this writer on I have a page there, too. Great site. I read she just published a book I’m going to go get. Because I, too, am writing a book I know how much work it takes to do that, or rather, I’m learning how much work it takes, I wanted to help pass the word. The video she posted on this page is really very good. The lyrics grabbed me. Take a listen, and have have a great day!

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