Saturday Sass No.2

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Yay! It’s my favorite day again.  During my book tours, I found myself filling out a LOT of questionnaires and even though they all differed, one question kept coming up.

Do you need silence when you write, or music? Personally, I need silence.  The quieter the better.  But, since I share living space with 2 teenage boys and all of their teenage friends, you’ll often find me wearing headphones.  It’s easier for me to tune out music than talking.

I thought today’s sass session might be both a challenge and funny.  I found the actual Miranda Warning online and tweaked it a little to suit my needs. Enjoy! 😀



(I know this one’s the hardest to understand, so please continue)

2. Anything you say can and will be used against you  in a series of novels.

(Or just because it was funny/stupid as hell)

3. You have the right to talk to an attorney and have him present with you while you are being chatty.

(So I can get some good legal lingo for future reference)

4. If you cannot afford to hire an attorney, one will undoubtedly be present in whichever novel you are helping to create.

(Maybe… probably)

5. You can decide at any time to exercise these rights and not whine or cry or throw any tantrums.

(I can have you offed in a very creative, paniful manner on page 1)


Do you understand each of these warnings and how they will do absolutely nothing whatsoever to save you from my pen?

Having these warnings in mind, do you wish to stop talking now?

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