OMG, Those Eyes!

Ever realize how the eyes are not only the first thing you notice in person, but the most frequently repeated feature in literature, especially of the Romance/Erotica variety?  I’m so guilty of doing that.  I can’t help it. Not only do I have a light eye fetish, but aside from facial expressions and body language, the eyes really are the windows to my character’s souls.  Whichever character is holding the POV platform is going to notice the things flashing in the eyes of the other character’s they’re talking to – so, it’s nigh impossible not to put those details in for the full affect.

My question is, does that get really annoying to the reader or is it easily overlooked?

I’ve actually been annoyed by it before.  I read a book where the main male character’s eye color was repeated so frequently, I counted it six times in three paragraphs.  Often twice in the same sentence! Look, I got it.  They’re espresso brown!  Jeez, shut up about it already! Then I look at my own works and slap my forehead, realizing I’m virtually guilty of the same thing. Maybe I’m not so quick with the basic repetitive part, but I do tend to reiterate the color through varying emotions (i.e. His blue eyes darkened with increasing anger, or For once, the green stood out far more brilliantly in his hazel eyes, as he offered a genuine smile).

In one of my most recently contracted novels that won’t see finished publication for at least another 18-24 months, my main male protagonist has the most amazing, silver-blue eyes.  Mmm-hmm! Yummy!  I’m so waiting for my editor to call me out on that one, hehehe. But could you imagine? Oh, wait, you don’t have to, I just happened to find a fairly decent example, along with some of my personal favorite eyes on the planet:

Silver-licious! image source:
Double Trouble! OMG Eyes and Tattoos! image source:
You can’t have a post about sexy eyes without Matt Bomer! image source:
Or Ian Somerhalder! image source: smalliville.wikia
And we especially can’t forget the multi-talented, Jared Leto! image source:

And now for my ultimate favorite, most gorgeous eyes for a most gorgeous soul & everything else: Andy Whitfield.

image source:
image source:
image source:

Please visit for a closer look at an amazing actor, man, husband, father and all around human being the world lost on September 11/12, 2011 to Non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

P.S. You can find actual footage of the “Be Here Now” documentary, including interviews with Andy, himself, on YouTube!

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