Hand-Me-Down Lace


image source: pinterest.com

I’m not an adult, I’ve simply been playing dress up for so long I’ve got everyone fooled

And now it’s too late to shirk off the hand-me-down lace and heels two sizes too big

Return to my pigtails and overalls, with a salamander in the pocket

Go fishing with my dad on the banks of an Indiana river

Tough out a twister on a typical Texan Tuesday

Slide down dirt mounds until the stains are irreparable

Lay under a blanket in the bed of little Chevy as the stars whip overhead at fifty-miles per hour

Laugh until my sides hurt at three in the morning, in the middle of an empty Safeway

Dream about my assured visits to all of the world’s greatest locations…

Surely, I’m still too young for diamonds, right Audrey?

Well, if I have to be a phony

I hope I’m a real phony

You know?


image source: vegasgirlsnightout.com




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