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There are certain bands we come across in our lifetime that become our favorites for multiple reasons.  One of the biggest reasons, is because we end up liking nearly every song they ever put out.  That’s rare.  I like a lot of musicians, solo artists and bands, but to like entire albums (every album!) is a genuine rarity.  One such band in my top 3 favorites of all times has been on a 6 year hiatus.

Actually, the original band broke up and the lead singer has been, unfortunately, fighting illnesses.  Then, rumors started circulating awhile ago that he was back on his feet and looking to put out a new album, possibly do some touring.  At the time, they were blips, whispers, no concrete evidence and I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

The other day, I’m cruising down the road, flipping through the channels, trying my hardest not to just revert back to commercial-free CD’s, when I hear the beginning notes of a new song on one of my favorite rock stations.  It grabs me right away.  I’m listening and thinking to myself, I know that sound.  I know that sound so well… Oh, my God, that could be one of their songs! Someone stole their unique sound! Those bastards!

Then he started singing and my mouth dropped open, I looked over at my eldest in the passenger seat and he’s wearing the same, stunned, excited expression I am. (Yeah, I corrupted him from an early age, so he’s my rocker boy).  I started screaming like a teenage groupie and cranked up the volume.

“They’re back!” I cheered out the window to innocent passerby.  “BREAKING BENJAMIN is back, baby!!!”


The new album Dark Before Dawn is due to release June 23, 2015, but here are the links to the other two singles already available on YouTube and probably iTunes: Angels Fall and Defeated.  Enjoy!

There’s no keeping Benjamin Burnley down!

(p.s. I learned from this interview that one of the new members was originally from the band Adelitas Way, which I also like, so now I have to go investigate what happened there…)

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