Saturday Sass

SaturdaySummerVacationYep. It’s officially the first day of Summer Break.  The funniest thing is that I used to prefer my kids being on summer vacation.  I used to look forward to not worrying about: Getting up and driving them to and from school, open house, homework, parent/teacher conferences, musicals, science fairs, math relays, field days, field trips, and everything else the schools manage to make me leave my house and open my wallet for.

Then my kids breached the age of 13.  Now their social calendars are jammed packed full of “Mom, I have to go! You have to take me! Oh, and I need $$$!”

Every June, this is the conversation starter for the break: “OMG how many times do I have to tell you that just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean everybody else in the world is on vacation?!”


Is it just me, or do kids get braver when there’s no school???

Never curse yourself with wanting to be the cool mom/dad, you’ll never get any peace and quiet.

Aside from chores, my kids and I are at constant war over who reaches the highest level in video games or finishes the series of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix first (I totally won the Supernatural contest, btw).  The result of this is kind of kinship with teenagers is a lot like owning Gremlins.  They come in quiet and polite, then they eat all your food, drink all your Gatorade, multiply and get snarky.

Maybe they’re more like bees, leaving some kind of pheromone at the front door to alert all of the other neighborhood kids of where all the free food and WiFi is.

*Sigh* At least I know where my kids are! 🙂

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