A Matter of Trust?


I’m admittedly completely lost when it comes to navigating Twitter.  I’m still fresh out the shell, getting my sea legs, floundering about the realm of hashtags and Tweet trends.  It seems like everyday I find something new and interesting. Today it was actually via Goodreads from an author I follow there.  A challenge titled the 7 of 7 of 7 Game, where you have to share the first 7 lines of page 7 of your WIP and/or the first 7 lines of Chapter 7 of your WIP (Work In Progress, for those unfamiliar with the acronym).

The author challenged others to join in, and I was all for it, until I realized that I hadn’t yet reached Chapter 7 in my particular WIP.  So, a little crestfallen, I left Goodreads and headed over to Twitter where I found the #WIP group was connected to another trend called #lineoftheday.  Oh, now that I can do!  The following is a combo of the first half of the 7 of Game and the lineoftheday group (Italics)…

First 7 lines from page 7 of (one of) my WIP:

Lyris didn’t struggle. Being fed off of by Daemons was actually more common than being fucked by them. She felt the weakness settle into her limbs, her vision slowly fading, as he made sure to drain her to the brink. She would heal, of course. Her body would naturally replenish itself of everything she needed, but it would take some time and until then, she would be incapable of escaping, which appeared to be his plan.
Daemons, Lyris thought in exasperation, as consciousness slowly slipped out of her grasp and death beckoned. They have so many trust issues.

The Sacrifice
A.C. Melody

Remember, it’s a WIP, so no judging yet! LOL 🙂

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