Book Trailer for The Zen Lounge!

Well, it only took me all week, several pots of coffee, a lot of frustration and many, many hours of editing – BUT I finally did it!  I made my very first Book Trailer. Check it out:


I used the program Kizoa, because it’s a lot easier to navigate than Windows Live Movie Maker and has way more options.  Still a pain for those who’ve never attempted to make a book trailer before, though. If you plan on trying your hand at it, make sure you have the extra room in your budget for stock photos, videos & music – also, be prepared to have your patience tested… a lot!   🙂

Feedback is welcome & appreciated, good or bad!

2 responses to “Book Trailer for The Zen Lounge!”

  1. I loved it ! What song is that ? It’s sexyyyyy!!!! ♡♡


    1. Thank you! It’s “I need you” (felxprod remix) by Rameses B


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