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“Rochi,” she stated confidently. “I did it.”

“No,” Rochelle exhaled. “Is it up on the site now? I wanna see it!”

“Yes, but it’s not finished,” Cat admitted… “And it doesn’t matter. I have a date on Wednesday at 2:30 for coffee.”

“Shut the fuck up!” Rochelle steamed. “Already?! How the fuck?”

“I messaged a Dom and he answered, it’s really not rocket science, Chi,” Cat answered sweetly… “You just have to put yourself out there.”

“Put myself out there? Bitch, if I was anymore out there, I’d get arrested for Public Indecency! I can’t believe you! AHHGHH!”

When the phone disconnected, Cat simply set it down and opened a new word document on her laptop to start her lists. She made it as far as ‘Age play’ before her phone was ringing again.


“Okay, fine I fucking love you, what’s his screenname so I can check this supposed Dom out?”

Tru Calling #WIP
A.C. Melody

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