image source: skinonskins.com

“Be careful, Catherine. Your hands are tied.”
Cat sucked in a hiccuping sob and fought the shiver of his deliberate words. He meant both literally and figuratively.
“Do you know why your hands are tied, Catherine?”
“Because I…” she managed around a sob. “Chose for them to be, Sir?”
“That’s right,” he praised. “You chose to give away all of your power and control to me. Are my hands tied, Catherine?”
“No, Sir.”
“Do you know why my hands aren’t tied, little sub?” He asked.
“Because, you’re the one in control now, Sir?” She sniffled.
He shook his head. “Because it’s my job to catch you when you fall, Catherine,” he corrected softly. “And put you back on your feet again.”

Tru Calling #WIP
A.C. Melody

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