♥ My Review of Soul Stealer by: Lashell Collins ♥

Soul Stealer Book Cover

Title: Soul Stealer
Series: A Rock Shifter Fairytale

Author: Lashell Collins
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Paranormal Shifters
Rating: 4 ‘s

The very real world problem of bigotry was the main theme throughout the entire novel in the form of “Specieism,” as humans and Shifters try to coexist amongst intolerance and fear. It took a daring, unique approach by having the main protagonist struggle with her own unfounded prejudiced views, based solely on that same fear prompted by unfair media propaganda against Shifters. I say ‘daring,’ because having an unlikable main character made it quite difficult to get into the story at first. Luckily, the other characters and the plot, itself, made up for the initial off-putting reaction, and I would recommend seeing it through to the end.

Aleigha Daniels is a reporter for her father’s news segment What’s News, but while he handles all of the entertainment pieces, Aleigha prefers to focus on real news. Until her father gets stranded in Sudan and the one exclusive interview he’d been banking on saving his show is now at the mercy of his daughter – who wants nothing to do with it. Finally agreeing to help her father out, Aleigha travels to the ‘haunted’ castle home of the Shifter rock band Twisted in order to interview its lead singer, Morpheus Wolfe. The only thing she wants from the Shifter is to learn if his band is indeed responsible for the drug induced coma cases happening to kids at their concerts. To find out if the Wolf really does have the “Soul Stealer” power to hypnotize his audience with his music, for malicious purposes.

Morpheus Wolfe formed his band with the boys he’d grown up in the orphanage with and would do anything to protect and provide for them. As their unofficial Alpha, it had been his job to make sure their lifelong dream of becoming famous rock stars was fulfilled, so they could never want for anything ever again. Unfortunately, their fame came with a heavy price; the very stage personae that catapulted their career was now the weapon being used against them in the allegations of their hand in the spread of the Shifter drug known as Iris, and the fact that it’s putting human kids into comas.

Lashell Collins was able to weave a novel that is equally serious as it is fantasy. With a lot of Beauty and The Beast elements I absolutely loved, the story line keeps you enchanted, even through the grim political topics. It was the balance between the magical and the mundane that made the novel so easy to read. I would have been more impressed if the main character had shown a lot more growth, especially some accountability for her hurtful words and hot-headed reactions, but it was the duel perspectives, the prejudiced human versus the misunderstood Shifter that was the most intriguing and thought-provoking aspect of the tale. I also like that it leaves you wondering about the mysterious ballroom… 😉


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  1. Great review, AC. This looks good.


    1. Thanks, I like it. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for hosting Soul Stealer!


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