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It’s strange to think about how quickly the PC has advanced in such a short time.  I remember writing everything by hand, waiting for the mailman, reading paperback novels and visiting with my friends face-to-face.

We weren’t allowed to leave the house without a quarter in our pocket for a payphone, in case of an emergency.

I used to spend days and nights with my nose in a book, or frantically scribbling away in one of the thousands of notebooks still stored in a Rubbermaid container.  We had a Brother Word Processor once, it was like the next best thing to sliced bread, because you could switch out the ‘font’ wheels and save everything on a floppy disk.  Well, about 4 MB of data, anyway.

I own a typewriter. Still.

So what would I do, if there were no computers?

The same thing I did before there were computers.  I would live less vicariously, see my friends and family more often, get more fresh air. I’d really miss the humorous Meme’s and talking regularly with family in Wales with no International calling fees… Genealogy research would be a lot more difficult and spendy, I would definitely miss the ease that Ancestry and Family Search has provided with digitizing records.

Also, since my novels are only sold in eBook format, I’m not sure I’d be a published author anymore, so I may have to start from scratch… track down a literary agent and pay more of my royalties to a traditional print house.  That wouldn’t be very ideal, but it could happen, and that’s the point…

Things might be less convenient, but Life could and would still happen without computers, tablets, cellphones, etc.  It was happening 20 years ago without them and strangely, the world did not end because our BFF couldn’t get a hold of us to tell us about what she’d overhead that girl from Chem saying about the guy we were crushing on right away in a text, snapchat, KIK or Tweet.. she called my house phone and left a message on my answering machine to call her back ASAP – which was HOURS later – and we survived.  True story.


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