The Nerve to Succeed

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I confess, I’m floundering.  I’m very happy to announce that I finished the book I was working on (Yay!) It turned out to be a collection of 3 short novellas, instead.  But, as soon as I handed it over to my beta readers, my Muse made a beeline for the door and is now MIA. Hussy.

It’s bad enough I have a habit of shutting myself up in my writing cave, but now I’ve emerged without a creative spark to show for my efforts.  Today’s one word Daily Prompt got me inspired, though – thank you DP gurus! – It also hit on a Nerve.  Or, should I say, lack there of.

It takes a lot of nerve to be successful in the writing world today.  Now that all of the previous obstacles and walls have been knocked down to make way for a new generation of Best Selling Indie Authors, a fast-paced, chaotic culture devised solely around Social Media has emerged to fill the void. The problem is that it’s damn intimidating!  Where do you even start?  I mean, aside from reading a thousand articles on where to start…

My goal is to try to go Indie with my new series.  Yes, I have a publisher, but I would like the experience and I’m very curious to discover the difference, myself.  To see which form of publishing I prefer.  I’m mostly hoping Self-Publishing will allow me to get books out onto market at a faster, steadier pace so my readers aren’t waiting 2 whole years for the next book to come out!

Going solo takes a lot more nerve, though – and moola.  Shopping for professional editors, cover artists, proofreaders and marketing experts is mind numbing!  Sure, I could just load what I’ve got into an online platform like Amazon, Kobo or Smashwords, but I would know that it wasn’t the best version of my story and would be immensely disappointed in myself.  My characters deserve to be shown in their best light, and my readers deserve to get their money’s worth.

All of the authors I’m hosting and supporting, reading and reviewing every day make it look so easy, when I know it’s anything but.  Mostly, I think it’s all based on one’s nerve to be successful.  Determination, smart business choices and finding the right people to give your book the best chance of surviving the whirlwind.

Knowing it takes nerve and actually having nerve, though, are sadly two different things for an introverted creative-type.  Broke… a broke, introverted creative type ha!  I’ll do it, though, because I’m also very stubborn when it comes to getting what I want.  Maybe that’s really the root behind success.  Sheer stubbornness! (Lots of moola doesn’t hurt, either.) 😀

Happy Hump Day!

6 responses to “The Nerve to Succeed”

  1. Really enjoyed your post! I would go with my gut feel and say go the Amazon route and then revise the book later for print! I too am planning on writing books this year and just as you say, it is pretty expensive! I decided to self publish online. Whatever route you choose, let me know when it’s available for purchase!

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    1. Thank you, Greta! After doing some research, I’m also contemplating a package deal with places that offer the whole works for a set price (editing, cover art, media coverage, etc.) but once again, there’s so many to choose from. Good luck on your book! I’ll be posting updates on mine, as they come about. 🙂

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  2. Reminds me of a much loved quote:
    “You need a certain amount of nerve to be writer.” – Margaret Atwood
    Congrats on the book completion and here’s to some new sparks of creativity coming your way soon … Marianne

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    1. Thank you Marianna, that’s a very good quote! I’ll have to remember it when my muse is being temperamental. 🙂

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  3. Another great post, and one that truly hits home. As I navigate my way to publishing my debut novel, I’ve had all of these thoughts and asked myself these same questions. The problem is I never answer myself! (Or is that a problem?)

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    1. Ha! I’m not sure, but I never answer myself, either. Thanks, Felicia! I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for signs of your novel’s progress.


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