Quick Indie Update

Just a quick note to announce that I’ve started a launch page for all of the Dear Indie posts on my menu titled: Indie Resources. I’ve added a short description to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Also, a note on my recent experience with Cover Design: I previously posted that the DIY guy Derek Murphy has a Free online designing tool with step-by-step tutorial videos to walk you through the process.  I still recommend reading/watching everything he posts about designing your own book cover – however, I found his designing tool too glitchy and none of the color changes I would make to my design would save.  It’s run by a ‘flash’ server and has a tendency to freeze, causing you to lose any progress you’ve made.

I highly recommend Canva.  It’s free, it’s simple and while it doesn’t have the same kind of features (no beveling, glow, drop-shadow for fonts) – it still offers a lot and most importantly it saves your designs exactly how you make them.

Canva also provides an endless supply of backgrounds, fonts, graphics, elements and stock photos for only $1/ea., if they’re not listed as FREE.  There’s no downloading software, it’s a free internet site you can go check out right here.

Any graphic you could ever need you can make there. That is where I made my Twitter & Facebook Headers and my book Teasers, but they have a LOT of options! And as a bonus, they’re already set up to save your design in any format: JPEG, PNG, PDF & Print.

Hope this helps with your graphic needs!

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