Ready, Set…


Countdown to Cover Reveal initiated!  [insert fangirl squeal]

Okay, got that out of my system for a moment.  Ladies & Gents: Do you know of anyone who does Read-to-Reviews (pre-publication reviews)?  I’m trying to get some R2R’s for Collar Me Foxy and have posted on Goodreads, but with the publication date only being a month away (give or take), I think most people are already too booked up.  If you’re interested or happen to know anyone who might be, please let me know! Thanks!

Oh, and while I’m at it Avarice is also up from grabs for R2R’s, too.

Annnnnd back to the fangirl happy dance…


If you know who that is,  what show that’s from – and what show she’s originally from – then you are my favorite. Just don’t tell the others.

3 responses to “Ready, Set…”

  1. I can read for you, AC? What’s your timetable?

    Is Avarice/A Hell on Earth Novella yours?


    1. Thanks, Felicia, that would great! Collar Me Foxy’s time is between now and June 15th. Avarice is anytime between now and August 1st. Yes, they’re both mine.


    2. Ha, I guess it would help if I asked you how you’d like me to send the book to you? lol Did you want both or just Collar Me Foxy?


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