4 thoughts on “Dear Indie ♥ Weekly Resource

  1. Ahem! I got my author newsletter started (what a monumental pain in the ass that is! LOL!); cover art for my FB page is done; book cover WITH tagline is done (YES!), just have to get the back cover blurb right; I added 5500 words to my WIP; and I’ve chosen my NaNoWriMo 2016 project!

    Whew! No wonder my brain feels like mush! Oh, and I joined one of the Beta groups on your list.

    Great post as always, AC, and extremely informative! Kudos!

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    1. WOW! You go lady! I’d say that’s a lot of accomplishments to celebrate! 😀 Thanks for sharing, it’s really great to hear everyone’s progress and to know the posts are helpful! ♥ 🙂


  2. Once again lots of love for the educational post! 😀 Beta readers are gold. And I agree, I wouldn’t use paid beta readers either, if I can anyhow help it. With volunteering betas I at least know they’re genuinely interested in what I’ve written, and not just after a paycheck. I want my beta readers to behave like a regular reader would: say exactly what they think, and even stop reading the book if they get bored. This kind of thing conveys valuable information to me.

    Congratulations for your weekly accomplishments! 😀 My accomplishment? Progress. It’s going slow but it’s going.

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    1. Thanks, Anna and you’re absolutely right, having that genuine feedback is definitely better than someone just after a paycheck. Of course, you and I are a lot alike when it comes to honest constructive critiquing. Progress is good, especially with that blasted website of yours! LOL 😀


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