Coming Up For Coffee


Yes, more coffee… I don’t need more air, I’m long-winded as it is – or maybe it’s opinionated? Either way, I’m still here, just been heck’a busy in all of the best ways. I started a new job, getting kids ready for school and most importantly have been hibernating in the writing cave in between.

I’m soooooo close to finishing Scavenger, I can taste it! The finish line is just at my fingertips.

Also, giving Avarice Unforgiving a good scrubbing (aka cutting about 10k words wherever I can), because that’s going off to the editor in just under 2 weeks! The book cover’s already ordered and I’m pushing for a December 1st release date. 😀

And because there’s never any rest for the wicked, I am also on a deadline with my publisher to get the final manuscript for Shades Soirée (bk. 2 of my Matron City Trilogy / The Zen Lounge) turned into them by September 25th! blah, contracts.

So, I hope everyone is doing great and getting time in their own writing caves. I’ll hopefully be getting another Dear Indie post up soon or at least participating in some book tours.

♥ How’s your week going? Ms. Felicia, isn’t it almost time for the release of In the Best Interest of the Child? I can’t wait to read that… drumming fingers. 😀

4 responses to “Coming Up For Coffee”

  1. Wait, what? Did…did she just call me out on her blog AND drum her fingers???

    And here I was thinking such wonderful thoughts about Miss Melody and her awesome Indie Resources that have been such a tremendous help to me. And she WAS at the top of my ARC-list. Now…now…I’m not sure I even know who she is! *Said with a low, western drawl ala Bruce Dern in a 1965 episode of ‘Gunsmoke’* (Yeah, I’m that old!)

    Oooh, the shenanigans are about to jump off!

    (For the normal people, “In The Best Interest of the Child” is on schedule to go live, Saturday, September 17th!)

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    1. LOL! Sorry, didn’t mean to call you out, but I was talking about coffee and new releases, so of course you automatically came to mind! 😀 September 17th Woohoo! Can’t wait! I’m still on the ARC list, right? (^_^)


  2. You’re a busy lady. More coffee for you. 😀

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    1. Yay, thank you Karissa! 😀


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