Behind the Scenes

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In less than a month, I’ll be celebrating the launch of Avarice Unforgiving. This second installment in the Hell on Earth Series will pick up exactly where Avarice left off and delve deeper into the tangled predicaments my MC, Kami has found herself in…or gotten herself into!

I thought it would be kind of fun to do a little ‘Behind the Scenes’ segment to either whet your appetites or perhaps answer a curiosity. I can’t do excerpts without spoiling everything, so this is my enticement. šŸ˜‰

If you’re like me, whenever I come across an ‘unknown’ or something intriguing in a book, I always Google it. Maybe, you’re not like that and you’re too busy reading to Google anything – That’s always good, too! But perhaps you’ve read Avarice and you’re wondering what the heck inspired me to use this Bull headed suit guy? (Even if you’re not, just go with it…)

Personally, I’m not a big fan of books that over-reference one thing in particular, especially if that one thing is the current ‘trend’ in literary fiction [not naming any books here], but I’ve run across many authors who have referenced something they like/love/enjoy so frequently in their book that it’s just a turn off – for me – as a reader.

I do, however, love those obscure references. Something you wouldn’t hear about in everyday media or conversation. I like learning about interesting things thanks to a brief mention in a book I’m already enjoying as it is – and then the reference feels like bonus material.

Those who’ve read Avarice and will continue with the series knows that Kami’s Bull man plays a significant role in the storyline, but I only referenced the origin of his ‘costume’ once. It’s from a real movie; a faux documentary about conspiracy theories, aptly titled The Conspiracy as shown above. And yes, I have seen it.

Did I reference it, because I liked it so much? Eh…no. I referenced it, because it’s obscure, unique, not found in every other book you pick up to read. I liked the mystery it invoked, and the underlining hint at the paranormal. Mainly, it really is the most fitting costume for this particular character, which you might come to agree with as more mysteries are unraveled in Unforgiving.

Does that mean I wouldn’t recommend the movie? Of course, I would. Watch it. If you’re into that kind of thing you’ll probably find it entertaining and they did a great job with the ending. No spoilers! Going into it knowing that it wasn’t a real documentary took a little edge off the suspense, but I guess after the drama surrounding the original Blair Witch Project they didn’t want to take any chances. And let’s not forget what happened when Orson Welles read War of Worlds on a radio broadcast without warning in 1938! Eek, no repeats please. Much safer to say “This is not real” first.

So, there’s a little behind the scenes taste at some of my inspiration. I made you learn something under the guise of entertainment. Ha-ha. šŸ™‚Ā  I know, that’s a total mom move.

ā™„ If you haven’t read Avarice yet, you can get it for FREE on Amazon this weekend November 25th-29th!


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  1. “Even if you’re not, just go with it…” šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

    Definitely have to look for this movie!

    Nice post! šŸ‘

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    1. Lol, thanks Felicia! šŸ™‚


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