Dear Indies, Bloggers, Readers and Friends:

This is a virtual toast to express my wishes for you in the coming New Year. Maybe, 2016 was unkind, frustrating or held regrets for you–I hope not. I hope looking back, you will find more joys, moments of gratitude, or achievements to celebrate than anything else.

In 2016, some of us became Indie Authors and released our first self-published book(s). We hopped on the learning curve, taught ourselves how to navigate this bumpy ride through all the various levels of writing, publishing and marketing. One of my greatest fortunes was finding a new job when I desperately needed it, which *bonus* I absolutely enjoy. But my greatest achievements this year have been the amazing connections I’ve made with so many creative, supportive and brilliant writers, bloggers, artists and readers.

Some of you I met here, through my Dear Indie articles, or on one of the awesome blog shares hosted by others. Some of you I met on Goodreads. Either way, we’ve formed some kind of kinship along our journeys and these are things I am very grateful for. I look forward to all the things we will accomplish in 2017. I hope to continue sharing in all the struggles and successes, watching the way our little online community rallies around one another in support.

My greatest wish for all of you this coming year is that you find more reasons to feel happy, accomplished, grateful and loved than you did in 2016 – even if it was a spectacular year for you – may 2017 be that much more fulfilling…

…and may the book boyfriends be extra spicy! 😛

You may now commence with the guzzling of virtual (or real) bubbly.

Cheers & Have a wonderful–safe–New Year’s Eve!

4 responses to “#HappyNewYear2017!”

  1. Happy New Year to you and yours, AC! So glad to have connected with such an awesome person and amazing author! 💕

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    1. Likewise, Fle! Thank you! 💕

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  2. Here’s to an accomplished 2017.

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    1. I’ll toast to that! 🙂

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