So many good shows get cancelled too soon. Hart of Dixie wasn’t one of them, but I still miss spending an hour in Bluebell, Alabama where the pace is slower, people are friendlier and the charm of yesteryear blends seamlessly with modern day tech and woes. Mostly, I miss all of the sub-characters.

I’ve noticed that a lot of shows lately, tend to get me more hooked on the sub-characters than the main ones. Am I alone in that? My all time favorites from Hart of Dixie were Annabeth, Lemon and Mayor Hayes. For this week’s #ThrowbackThursday, here’s a post I did while the show was still running.

It’s funny, for one and for two, I’m still impatiently patiently waiting for my Lavon Hayes key chain….

If You…

Originally published 11.26.2013

If you liked me, maybe you would get me one of those singing greeting cards that I could open at the most inappropriate times in the most inappropriate places.

If you adored me, maybe you’d do one better and send a singing telegram to serenade about my wholesome awesomeness at 3 a.m., just to piss off my neighbors.

If we were Besties, you’d install 2 fog horns in my car either to use on the idiot in front of me, or the pervert behind me trying to climb up my tailpipe.

But if you REALLY, REALLY loved me, you’d invent me a Lavon Hayes key chain!

((Psst… for my birthday, I’ll take a Staples button for my desk that says “That was stupid”))  🙂

LMAO man, that gets me every time! And you know how handy that audio clip would be on a daily basis, just press a button on your key chain and aim it at the offender. 😉

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