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And we’re back for week 4 of building our book tacos. Check out the original post HERE for what this is all about and how you can join in. Remember, it’s never too late, just leave a pingback in the comments so I can read your post! Now, for the next layer…

Writing Menu

Cheese: Share a scene where one of your characters interacts with some kind of camera, photograph or video for any reason. If there are none, then share one of their funniest moments or dialogue pieces.

Pulling his classic beauty into the parking lot of Shades Soirée, Matt eyed the modern building with scrutiny. “Looks high end,” he remarked, as they climbed out. “Not very busy, though.”

He counted a total of five cars on their way to the entrance, which was locked.

“Nightclub only,” Zach tapped the smoky glass to the left of the doors displaying the club’s hours of operation.

“We only need to talk to staff right now, anyway.”

They found the service entrance for deliveries around the left side of the building and pressed the call button.

“Yeah?” A male voice crackled over the intercom a second later.

“MCPD, is there a manager on site?” Matt asked.

Silence followed. Zach elbowed him and thrust his chin upward. “Smile.”

Matt pulled his badge off his belt and stuck it right into the camera lens. “Cheese.”

~ Shades Soirée (Matron City Trilogy #2)

Readers Menu

Cheese: Name a favorite book/series that had to do with photography, acting, reporting or any other camera-related theme – OR – where the humor was so off the charts you found yourself ‘cheesing’ through 90% of it.

CoverNakedInDeathJDRobbI either can’t recall or have never actually read a book where the main character or theme dealt with cameras. However, one of my favorite series, the In Death series by J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts) has a sub-character who makes an appearance or two in almost every book, because she’s the only reporter the main character, Eve Dallas, trusts. Not only is Nadine Furst a memorable supporting character, her and Eve’s banter is always humorous, so I think that qualifies.

If you haven’t ventured into Nora Roberts’ alter ego, J.D. Robb, with her In Death series, I highly recommend it. You get the same amazing writing style she’s known for with a lot more edge, steamier sex scenes and a full cast of characters you’ll fall head over heels for. If you like crime novels, murder mysteries and endless snarky banter, these are definitely books for you. Although each novel is a stand alone, and each homicide case is different, I highly recommend starting from the beginning with Naked In Death, because the series deals with the same characters, whose lives and relationships continue to evolve with each new book.

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Next week’s ingredient: Lettuce!

Lettuce for the writer: Anytime money was used, stolen, given, exchanged or was otherwise the main topic of conversation in a significant way.

Lettuce for the reader: Share a favorite book/series where money played a significant role in dialogue, the story line, or was used as a thrilling plot twist. (The more unique the situation, the bigger the cool points).

10 responses to “#TacoTuesday”

  1. I am sucking really bad at supporting this! I must do better! You know how I hate driveby LIKES! 😁

    And I have Naked in Death! (But you knew that, right?) 😜 Woot! Moving it up the list NOW!

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    1. LMAO I should’ve known, yes, and I’m not surprised! That book came out in the 90’s just how long have you had it in your library? LOL

      I know, I feel the same way about drive-by likes, even though I do little better than that when I’m reading, liking, sucking down coffee while getting ready for work LOL! I really wanted to comment on your post about Maureen Driscoll and never had the time Ugh…

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      1. Time is a precious commodity. In the scope of a “normal” day where LIFE isn’t bopping me in the head to get my attention, I get quite a bit accomplished. Yet, there is always something I didn’t get done. I used to work myself into a mini-meltdown over what I didn’t do. Now, I’m over it. Maybe it’s age or merely the wisdom of the years, but I smile (and laugh) a lot more. For me, that’s enough.

        Hope you get over to Maureen’s posts this week. I’m a MAJOR fan of her work, but she’s also an awesome lady, and a lot of fun.

        Posts are open until the next morning when I can gulp down enough coffee to post winners. 😉 😀 😉

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    Can’t have Tacos without Cheese! 😀

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  3. Karissa Thorpe Avatar
    Karissa Thorpe

    I’ve been MIA for a while. There’s just so much going on at the mo. Blogging, reading, writing are all taking a back seat. Hope to resume normal service soon. 😘

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    1. Oh, so you’ve missed all the times Felicia tried to 1-click books she already has in her library? (PS: you did not hear that from me) 😁

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      1. Karissa Thorpe Avatar
        Karissa Thorpe

        😂😂😂 There’s no saving Ms Fle.

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      2. Traitor! 😜😜😜

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      3. 😀 *bats lashes innocently* What? I was merely filling Kari in on what she missed, that’s all… hehehe

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      4. Likely story…*Side eye glance* 😀

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