Lindsey Stirling

I don’t usually preamble my music videos, but this one has no lyrics. Lindsey Stirling got her start on America’s Got Talent and is now one of the most popular “Hip-Hop Violinists” in the world. Like Apocalyptica and Clean Bandit, she’s known for teaming up with singers, but she also creates her own albums. I’ve included two videos this go round. One is Lindsey with the famous a Capella group Pentatonix doing a cover of “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. The other video is called “Crystallize” and is a Lindsey Stirling Dubstep original (and my personal favorite). Enjoy. 🙂 ♥


I do not own any rights to these songs, videos or lyrics. All rights remain with the artists and their respective agents. No copyright infringement intended.

♥ P.S. 95% of Lindsey’s videos and live performances are Steampunk, which makes me love her even more. And yes, she really moves around that much live, too! Check out her videos on YouTube, there’s a LOT to choose from.

5 responses to “#MusicMonday”

  1. Big Lindsey Stirling fan here! Great post and vids! 😉👍

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    1. Thanks, Fle! I can’t recall now how I stumbled upon her, but man am I glad I did. Just love what she’s able to do.


  2. Have you heard Black Violin?

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    1. Thank you!!! Now I have a new band to check out, because that was amazing! I laughed when the lady in the black dress immediately got up and started dancing – that would totally be my mom! LOL 😀

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      1. My daughter’s high school orchestra teacher turned us on them years back and I’ve been a fan ever since.

        I love the lady in the black dress! Party people will always party! 😂😂😂

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