#WIP Invasion

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Can we talk for a moment, writer to writer?

Lookit, I can’t be the only one who’ll be happily plugging away at a highly anticipated novel (that’s code for it’s way overdue and readers are jumping ship by the hordes. *snort* You actually thought I had hordes of readers? Awww, that’s sweet) – and all the sudden a NEW book decides to just plop its big, bony ass right down on top of everything else with no intention of moving. A massive blob of scenes and backstory, brooding hunks, damsels in defiance, whips, chains and garden hoses (don’t ask), all reminding me that I have absolutely no willpower!

I’m not alone, right?

How do you deal with this kind of situation? Do you:

a). Ignore the new story until you’re done with the first one, because you’ve got discipline and the memory of an elephant?

b). Take the detour just long enough to frantically jot down everything you can for the new story, because your discipline’s flexible, but your memory’s a toss?


c). Attempt the juggling routine, because you’re fairly sure the 100th time is the charm?

I made the mistake of thinking I could pull off a combination of options b & c….1 week later… Update: Scavenger (Dark Day Isle, Book 2) will be delayed, yet again. I’m sorry. Please refer to the part where I have no willpower.

How many #WIPs are you working on and what’s your favorite strategy for those invading new ideas?

18 responses to “#WIP Invasion”

  1. Personally, I’d write down your idea and crack on with your current work. That’s my way if managing creative idea overflow. Plus, hell I can’t write two novels at once…short stories maybe novels hell-no! I’ve got to get in the zone . Could be as I write a lot of POV in first person, I’d end up with some kind of personality disorder myself if I kept jumping into character of too many people at once. Good luck A.C. I look forward to reading the book you sent me, I’ve not forgot.

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    1. LOL, thanks Kim! I think if I wrote in first person POV, I would be worried about the same thing. Even writing third person POV can feel a little crowded in my head.

      I know what you’re saying is Gold, and would undoubtedly result in more finished books. Sometimes, I’m actually able to pull it off, but this new story idea has got my muse’s full attention LOL So, currently I’m just going with the flow until she gets restless and I can get her attention back on track with the book we should be working on! 😀

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      1. That’s the whole point MORE FINISHED BOOKS. What good is half a story here and half a story there, to you, your brand and most importantly your readers? Work that is unfinished gets you nowhere fast. I’ve learned a little bit of discipline goes a long way, helps me personally to remain productive if I’m focused. That said you must roll with what works for you, but whatever you do get it finished. Good luck honey.

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      2. Thanks again, Kim! I agree, having more finished books is a far better goal to aim for. Recently, I’ve come up against the issue of not being able to focus on books with deadlines and that’s extremely stressful, which we all know is a creativity killer. Trying to incorporate a little more discipline into my writing practices so I can hopefully overcome that and find a much better balance.

        That being said, I’m currently just reveling in the fact that I have no deadlines and can just go with the creativity flow for now. LOL It kind of feels like being on vacation after a few stressful months! 😀

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      3. I wish you all the best A.C. may the creativity be with you!

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  2. I understand what you’re going through, AC. I have the same problem, I’m swamped with exciting story ideas and I’m dying to jump on each and every one of them as they pop up, but I know what I should do is commit myself to writing ONE complete story down. I totally agree with Kim’s advice. Me, I’ve written a novel’s worth of material this summer. Too bad it’s for three different novels! So I’ve now decided to turn my latest half-finished project into a book, no matter what. It’s at present 24k words of hot mess. Wish me luck…

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    1. I know you and I have had some lengthy conversations about how opposite our muses are, yet equally troublesome in their own right! LOL I’m surprised to hear you’ve had three different WIPs going over the summer so far.

      Kim’s advice is sterling. I just wish my brain would follow it. I don’t want to think about how many completed novels I’d have if I could combine all my WIP word counts LMAO!

      Good luck on your goal! You know I’m ready to read whenever you need a second pair of eyes! 😀

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      1. Yeah, I’m surprised too, but it seems my muse has suddenly evolved from “I only work on one book at a time” to “I want to write all the books at the same time, right now”. *eyeroll* If only I had stayed firm and stuck to my first project, I would have the draft ready by now instead of sitting on three half-finished ones. Oh well, I still have a long way to go in turning my bipolar OCD muse into a steady work horse…

        Thanks! 😀 I will definitely bother you with my scribbles once I have a semi-coherent story down. Keep your axe sharpened. And you too, let me know whenever you need feedback on something!

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      2. Axe is sharpened and waiting! LOL

        I think another way to look at the multiple WIPs, though, is at least we’re writing something. There is always a worse-case scenario there with the dreaded writer’s block! 😐

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  3. My writing practices would just give you another reason to question my sanity…and I won’t help you! 😀

    Needless to say, I follow the voices. Whoever talks the loudest gets writing time. I’m not that author who scripts anything. I make scene lists to stay focused, but trust me, the finished product barely resembles the outline.

    I’ve tried working on one WIP at a time…nope, doesn’t work for me. There is one main journal and Trello board, then each WIP gets a notebook.

    Honestly – I have eleven WIPs, making notes in seven, and actively writing three.

    I think this works better for ME because I’m challenged to dig deep and not repeat scenes, dialogue, etc.

    And it’s fun! LOL! 😀

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    1. LOL I have a fairly good idea of your sanity already! With the Trello board and notebooks, you’re more organized than I am – but I think I’m with you on the whole following whichever voice is speaking the loudest at the time.

      Mostly, because my muse won’t let me focus on anything else! LOL Even when I try to have discipline, I end up just staring blankly at the WIP I should be working on, while thinking about the one shouting in my head.

      11 WIPs! I’m not even going to count mine LMAO! I’m extremely happy to only be hopping between 2 of them at the moment 😀

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      1. I have organized chaos! Ignore that stack of journals crashing to the floor and the pile of post-it notes. Well, they used to be post-it notes! 😀

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  4. Definitely B. Mind you, I haven’t even gotten my novella sorted out yet and I keep jotting down ideas for shorter stories! Good luck and follow the voices as Fel said!

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    1. Thanks, Marquessa! I know, we’re all waiting for you to hit the publish button, lol! No pressure, honest 😀 I know it will happen when it’s meant to.


      1. Yeah, it’s going to be a learning process.

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  5. The way I work aroung it is to write down a quick blurb/synopsis about the new story. Keep it less that 500 words. I keep it around 300. That way I have a reference to help me remember and I don’t get too distracted with it.

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    1. That’s a good way to do it. I’m always afraid I’ll forget something if I don’t get it down on paper right away. I did try the quick synopsis with this one, but it refused to stay on the back burner, despite knowing I had other WIPs in line ahead of it.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kiru! 🙂

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