A Dear Indies Special Edition!


Hi Indies!

This is a special edition blog post, because I have been extremely fortunate to have a guest article published over on Nick Stephenson’s Blog: Your First 10,000 Readers and I really wanted to share it with you:

Publishing Tales From Both Sides of the Fence

I know I’ve given you resource posts that mentioned a few small differences between self-publishing and having a contract, but this article breaks down all of the differences from beginning to end and has a cost comparison chart, as well.

I hope you can add it to your list of references and/or resources for your own writing journey and feel free to comment or share!



4 responses to “A Dear Indies Special Edition!”

  1. YAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! Congratulations! XDXDXD It’s a fantastic post, I just shared it on Twitter and Google+.

    (your comment about hybrid totally cracked me up – if being a hybrid author meant being half alien or fuel efficient, I would go for it! :D)

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    1. LOL, thanks Anna! Ikr? I wish hybrid was spiffier than just a publishing term, but eh, I’ll take it. 😀

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  2. Caroline Walcot Avatar
    Caroline Walcot

    I read Melody’s guest article on Nick Stephenson’s page and it is really, I mean really, helpful and truthful, so I have double-saved it so that I can always find it again. Am still at the research stage before book launch. Thank you, Melody, for settling so many of my own doubts.

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    1. You’re very welcome, Caroline! I’m so happy that it helped you in some way and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask. The research stage can be daunting, but there are a lot of authors out there who like to help. 🙂

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