#RocktoberMusicFest ♪ “Again” – Flyleaf

“All Around Me” was the first song from Flyleaf I heard on the radio that captured my attention and led me to becoming a huge fan of this band. “Sorrow” will always be my favorite song of theirs forever. It’s one that I can listen to and never get tired of hearing, because the lyrics are so poetically captivating.

Sometimes life seems to quiet, into paralyzing silence
Like the moonless dark, meant to make me strong
Familiar breaths of my old lives
Change the color in my eyes
Soon he will perforate the fabric of the peaceful by and by…

Ahhh…have you ever seen more beautifully constructed lyrics? Unfortunately, I’ve already posted that song and “New Horizons” in previous posts.

“Fully Alive” and “Red Sam” are good recommendations for new listeners, and if you’re human, “Supernatural” will bring you tears. Flyleaf has released many albums since their debut, but I couldn’t tell you anything about their newer music, because I stopped listening to them when their lead singer, Lacey Sturm, left the band. Their new lead singer might be awesome, I don’t know and I don’t care, I love Lacey. #SorryNotSorry. She’s like the size of a Polly Pocket, yet can belt out a voice that would knock The Rock on his ass – which you’ll hear later this month during my Halloween Playlist. For now, I present “Again”, a song that still displays some of Lacey’s vocal range, only without reaching her impressive screamo skills. Enjoy!

I do not own any rights to this song, lyrics or video. All rights remain with the artists and their respective agents. No copyright infringement intended.

♫♪ Rocktober Musicfest is hosted by Mary B. at Jingle, Jangle, Jungle. Check out her website if you’d like to join the event. There’s no restriction against joining after October 1st or limit/requirement to how many times you have to post for the month. It’s really easy and fun! ♪♫

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2 responses to “#RocktoberMusicFest ♪ “Again” – Flyleaf”

  1. Melody,
    Flyleaf is new-to-me. Lacey doesn’t have that dark persona like a like of heavy metal female vocalists. Maybe she does in other videos but not here and I appreciate that because I don’t have to block that image from my head to enjoy her sound. Thanks for the introduction!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nope, what you see in this video is actually more done up than her earlier works. She always wears simple dresses, light makeup and she’s usually barefoot. 🙂 Glad you liked it!


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