Could You 30 Day Challenge Yourself Every Month?


If we can participate in NaNoWriMo, then why aren’t we challenging ourselves to write a novel in 30 days at the beginning of EVERY month?

This is the question I just asked myself, as I’m looking at my goals for 2019 and realizing I don’t have as much time as I’d like to think. My list of books to publish this year total 3 and 1 is already done, so that’s nothing, right? But I’m staring down the barrel of February toward spring with less than a chapter written on one of those books and sweating bullets over how little time I have to get this done, because finishing the book is just the first step. In order to publish when I want to, I need to make sure it’s done in time to order a book tour in advance, get it through my editor and off to beta readers before launch day.

I don’t even participate in NaNo every year, but the last time I did, I was successful at getting more than 50,000 words written on a novel. So, why can’t I do that on my own? I’m an Indie Author, aren’t I? I’m used to doing everything myself, so there is absolutely no reason why I can’t. It’s all a state of mind. Which, is why I’ve decided that I’m going to challenge myself DIY style and will dedicate Wednesday as my word count accountability day. Granted, it’s not the first of the month any more, but in all fairness, I already have a word count going, so I think that makes up for it.

Here’s my first DIY 30 day challenge to myself: Get the first draft for Fox Trot (Dark Day Isle, Book 3) done by March 7, 2019!

Current word count is: 3,668

Wish me luck… o_O



7 responses to “Could You 30 Day Challenge Yourself Every Month?”

  1. I can only accomplish certain things when I challenge myself to 30 days or the Pomodoro method. Why because I can put full attention and postpone other ish. Personally, 50k words/month would not work for me but I could envision 21 day “novella” writing…

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    1. My biggest problem is hopping between too many WIPS, rather than focusing on just one at a time. I’ve only ever been able to manage that during NaNo, so I’m hoping by giving myself a time limit, I can trick my brain into it LOL – we’ll see how it goes!

      Having shorter time for novella writing would be good, too, if that’s what you write. It’s rare for me to write an actual novella length story. I usually run about 45,000-100,000 depending on the book.


      1. I get you. I’ve made up my mind to concentrate on novellas since serials are the way to go…

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      2. They are quite popular, for sure!


  2. […] challenge to keep my muse motivated and working, but with the new challenge I presented myself (see the DIY 30 Day Challenge Here) – this one has become more counterproductive than […]


  3. You know I live for a challenge! LOL!

    Despite the chaos which is my life, I’ve managed to stay on track with my own self-challenge, #My52, and even though mayhem continues its full frontal assault, I WILL hit the publish button…more than once in 2019. 😁

    So glad to have you back on a regular basis. Now get busy! You know if you write it, I’m reading it! 😂👍

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    1. LOL Hey, same goes here! So, you go ahead and push that publish button as many times as you can, I’m ready to read! 😀

      And thanks, it’s good to be back! ♥


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