#SongLyricSunday | The Collapse – Adelitas Way

Oh look, it’s Sunday again! 😀 It just sneaks up on me sometimes. #SLS is a music challenge hosted by Jim over at A Unique Title For Me. Make sure to stop by and check out all of the songs for today by clicking the theme link below.

This weeks’s theme is: Ankles|Hands|Feet|Fingers|Toes|Wrists

My pick today is for Hands, and is one of my favorites from Adelitas Way, my second favorite being “Invincible” which WWE fans would recognize. I listen to “The Collapse” the most when I need to get into the right mindset for a badass character who may or may not be a good-guy, though I’ll make you fall in love him, anyway because that’s how we roll here. 😉

Fun Wikipedia Facts:

  • Hailing from Las Vegas, Adelitas Way is now an Independent band of the Alternative Rock genre, who’s former guitar player, Keith Wallen, is now with Breaking Benjamin (I’d say awww, but I’m a much bigger fan of BB and just watched Keith perform an amazing partial cover (vocals & all) of Metallica‘s “Enter Sandman” live in concert, sooo… #sorrynotsorry).
  • Adelitas Way has written 3 hit singles that became official theme songs for WWE events: “Invincible” = WWE Superstars; “It’s A New Day” = WWE The Legacy; and “Ready for War (Pray for Peace) = WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs.
  • “The Collapse” is off of the band’s second studio album, Home School Valedictorian, released in 2011. The song reached #2 on the active rock chart.
  • While still an active, touring band, Adelitas Way hasn’t released any new songs or albums since 2018.

Songwriters: Dave Bassett / Trevor Brice Stafford / Rick Anthony Dejesus. Lyrics are in the video, enjoy!

I do not own any rights to this song, lyrics, or video. All rights remain with the artists and their respective agents/labels. No copyright infringement intended.

11 responses to “#SongLyricSunday | The Collapse – Adelitas Way”

  1. WoW!! these guys are excellent! I have never heard of them but thank you muchly for the introduction.. Off to Prime music to download more of their stuff……

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    1. 😀 Thanks, Violet! I’m always excited to introduce others to good bands and songs

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      1. I’ve downloaded a few of their songs, Bad reputation, Notorious and What it takes to my playlist. Thanks again.

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  2. So NOT surprised to find out there’s a Breaking Benjamin connection! LOL!

    But also couldn’t help but think of good ole’ Saph from “Avarice.” Don’t know if you used this hard, driving rock beat while creating him but it definitely sounds like him!

    Good share, AC! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL You know, if there’s a BB connection, I will find it! So, you’ll really love next week’s post 😀

      I confess, I didn’t use this song for Saph because I was writing from Kami’s POV 99.9% of the time, but I can totally see how you would immediately think of him! LMAO 😉 ❤

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  3. There is a lot of energy flowing through this song.

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    1. Thanks, Jim, that seems to be consistent in the songs I’ve heard from them so far

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  4. This song kicks butt! I love that guitar sound and the attitude of the lyrics.

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  5. I think I hear a little Metallica influence? Great choice!

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