Yeah, I went there and now everyone’s thinking about Shrek… Come on, admit it. LOL

Okay, so assuming I’m not here talking to myself and still have people who might be interested, I have obviously started construction on my website. It will be undergoing some gradual changes over the following months. With any luck, it will end up looking and performing better, rather than worse.

And all of these changes coincide with others I’m currently making to my books. Here’s what I’ve got in the works:


Avarice Unforgiving and Avarice Unleashed will be no longer. I am revising the Avarice Collection and will be releasing the new edition, titled as just Avarice, as one full-length novel with a brand new cover that I feel will actually attract the right audience, since the old one failed to really bad. Due to eliminating the second and third books, I had to reconstruct a small portion of the layout of the story—but as a whole, it hasn’t changed. So, for those who’ve already read it, don’t worry, you won’t be missing anything new. Once it’s released, I’ll be sending out an offer for owners of the original edition to get a free copy of the new edition if they’d like one, but again, it’s not mandatory to follow the series.

I am revising Hearthstone Alpha and Little Queen and will be publishing them independently for the first time, so they will also have new covers because the old ones still belong to my previous publisher.

Dark Duplicity is being revised, but won’t be released independently until after I’ve released Dark Legacy, which should’ve been published first to begin with. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to fix that mistake and plan to take advantage of it.

All of my books are leaving Kindle Unlimited. By Mid-October, I will no longer be publishing through KDP Select. I plan to publish wide again so that I can sell my books through my website once I have it completely refurbished.


I am currently writing books on Wattpad. They will stay on Wattpad for free for a limited time upon completion before I remove them and publish them for sale. If you’re on Wattpad and would like to read some of my books while they’re still free, these are the titles available right now to start reading:

  • Riveted: a BDSM Second Chance Romance
  • Irreparable (Broken Ones Duet, Bk 1): A Dark Psychological Romance with an anti-hero & heroine
  • Seducing the Darkness (The Jaded Trilogy, Bk 1): A Futuristic Erotic Romance Suspense
  • Hearthstone Alpha (The Midgard Ulfrinn series, Bk 1): Paranormal Wolf-Shifter Erotic Romance – Revised Edition
  • Collar Me Foxy (Dark Day Isle, Bk 1): BDSM Romance – Completed
  • Scavenger (Dark Day Isle, Bk 2): BDSM Romance – Free Chapter


The following titles will be available to read for free on Wattpad sometime in the near future:

  • Fox Trot (Dark Day Isle, Bk 3): BDSM Romance
  • Ghost: A Standalone Mafia Romance
  • Little Queen (The Midgard Ulfrinn series, Bk 2): Paranormal Wolf-Shifter Erotic Romance – Revised Edition
  • Violet Night (The Midgard Ulfrinn series, Bk 3): Paranormal Wolf-Shifter Erotic Romance
  • Irrevocable (Broken Ones Duet, Bk 2): A Dark Psychological Romance with anti-hero & heroine
  • Disguised as Lust (The Jaded Trilogy, Bk 2): A Futuristic Erotic Romance Suspense Crime/Detective
  • Feel You: A Standalone BDSM Romance about Tragedy & Forgiveness

To stay completely up to date on all of my available free content, make sure to follow me on Wattpad for notifications.

Well, that’s all for right now. I’ll be back with more updates as they come along.

♥ I just want to take a moment to say Thank You to those of you who haven’t completely bailed on this site, yet – I know it’s been radio silence from my side for long enough to warrant it, yet you’ve stuck around and I really have no words for how grateful I am to you. I only hope I can make it worth your while as my site improves. Have an amazing rest of your week & stay safe out there, it’s crazy.

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  1. *Hanging out for the Hearthstone updates… and everything else!*

    😀 😀

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