Wolves are Howling at the Door…

They’ve made a long journey. All the way from their inception (10+ years ago), through my old publisher, and back to me. Now, they’re getting polished up with revisions, new covers, and interior layouts.

That’s right, the Midgard Úlfrinn series is returning! I was so happy to get my rights back to these books and my Scandinavian Shifters are looking better than ever.

I can’t wait to line the digital and paperback shelves with these modern-day Vikings. Since that’s going to happen real soon, I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been doing to prepare.

Outside of revising and re-editing, I’ve been living in Gimp, getting all the graphic designing done for the covers. I can’t share those with you quite yet because my newsletter subscribers always get exclusive reveals first.

But after trying out a handful of different designs and watching a hundred tutorials on YouTube, I’m proud to present the new Midgard Úlfrinn series logo:

It really pops on the covers, looking like gold foiling rather than just an image. And I have to admit, I’m getting addicted to graphic design. One day, I hope to be up there with the experts, but for now I’m still learning as I go.

For those of you who are brand new to the Midgard Úlfrinn series: it’s a slow burn Paranormal Romance starring a pack of Wolf Shifters like you’ve never seen before.

They’re not of this world originally. They were created by Odin from the essences of his beloved companions, Geri and Freki. Their job is to protect Midgard (Earth) from Fenrir’s shade and anyone else who might alter the outcome of Ragnarök.

But living in present-day Minnesota, they’re balancing all that with the responsibilities of their human lives. The plot dives deep into the heart of the pack rather than just focusing on the romance of the main characters.

I’ll be starting with the duet that kicks the whole series off: Hearthstone Alpha and Hearthstone Queen.

If you previously read both books, you’ll notice I changed the title of the second book to match its duet partner.

Little Queen was a nod to an endearment my female protagonist received from Úlfrinn royalty. But new readers can’t discern that just by reading the title. And anyone who’s already familiar with Reyna Daniels knows that’s not a good representation of her personality anyway, so I changed it.

As I stated in my last newsletter, this series is truly a passion project of mine. I’m beyond joyous to be reintroducing it to readers very soon!

• • • •

❤ Are you already a fan of the Pine Grove Úlfrinn? Who’s your favorite character?

❤ Do you love Shifter books and are always looking for a new twist on the genre? Let me know in the comments below!

2 responses to “Wolves are Howling at the Door…”

  1. I’m ready for book three! *Runs away laughing!* 😀 😀

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    1. LOL I know, I know. Me, too! I hope to get that one out by next year. *Fingers crossed!*

      Liked by 1 person

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