Love Like a ’90s Flick

You could fall, possess a body

Take a dare to make me a hottie

I’ll dress like a doily and teach you to drive stick

We could go on a killing spree

Or take a doomed cruise

Guard baboon hearts, sing Rhythm & Blues

We’ll kiss as outlaws

And wait to exhale

Dance in ice flakes

And touch through the veil

However we love

Know I’m your fool

‘Coz amid the chaos

You’re so cool.

3 responses to “Love Like a ’90s Flick”

  1. I forgot how toxic 90s flick romance was, haha! But definitely cool 🙂

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    1. Right? I agree, but I just loved that scene in True Romance where she wrote “You’re so cool!” on the napkin so when I saw that as the prompt, I couldn’t think of anything else, lol. Hopefully, I’ll be able to dig a little deeper with the next one

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      1. Hey! I’m not complaining! 🙂

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