Poetry Challenges

Nortina over at Nortina’s Writing Inspiration Well just wrote this post about a couple of poetry challenges happening throughout November and December. I know many writers are getting ready to dive into a NaNoWriMo but I’d like to attempt the poetry prompts, myself.

I wanted to share it here in case anyone else might be interested.

Awhile back I unpublished all of my poems on my blog to try and sell them, but that failed, so I’ve managed to recover a handful. The rest will have to be added as new posts, which I’ll be doing all at once, so I can focus—hopefully—on adding newly written poems to the collection.

I’ve created a landing page for all my poems and added it to the main menu above. Hope to see you over at Nortina’s site for the upcoming challenges!

3 responses to “Poetry Challenges”

  1. Aww! I hate that the wall art fell through, but I’m so happy you’re joining the poetry challenge!

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    1. Thanks! I just got the missing ones posted and added to my Poem page. Now, I can focus on writing the new ones. 🙂 I’m excited and hope I can keep up! Lol

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  2. […] I shared that I’ve joined Nortina’s Poetry Challenge, but as everyone can see, that’s not going so well. I’m still going to check her daily […]


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