It’s Official!

Happy Birthday to me!

The newly revised and recovered Avarice is now officially available on (almost) every retail site!

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize just how long it takes for Smashwords to distribute books to their affiliate sites. But it is available on Amazon, Smashwords, and Google Books. Hopefully, it will reach the other retailers soon.

I also can’t wait to update it on Goodreads. That’s the one place that doesn’t allow you to just submit changes. But I have updated the Avarice landing page here under ‘Books’ to reflect the new cover, updated description, and buy links.

Here’s a trope teaser I threw together for social media. What do y’all think?

And hey, if you love these 3D mockups I used, then you need to check out Derek Murphy’s FREE 3D mockup generator. The man’s a certified genius. You can choose from “Single” books, phones and tablets to “Composite” where it combines two or more of those options.

Note: I just happened to have the actual spine image of my paperback book cover (shown in the first graphic) that’s not something the program is able to generate on its own. But it’s also not required if you don’t have one.

I’m so excited this has finally come to fruition. It’s taken the better part of a year or more to get every part of it done from revising the 140,000+ word manuscript, to designing the interior layouts for eBook and paperback, plus creating the new covers. Phew! I’m so ready to just sit back and celebrate now! 😁

How about to some music, like the official Avarice Playlist?

❤ Thanks for celebrating with me!

6 responses to “It’s Official!”

  1. Congratulations! And there’s a playlist too? Pretty cool. I’ll have to add this to my Amazon Christmas book list. I buy my mom a new book every Christmas. Not sure if she’ll enjoy the “steamy” elements. She’s a bit of a prude. But I sure will!

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    1. LOL, yeah I would not recommend at all for people who don’t like the steamy parts. Thanks, Nortina! 😃

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  2. Woot! XD Congratulations!!

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  3. Congratulations!! So exciting!

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