Cover Reveal | Hearthstone Alpha!


Okay, maybe not… but he did make these hot ass Wolf Shifters. And I’m super stoked to finally be able to reveal the gorgeous new cover for Hearthstone Alpha!

I can’t even explain how excited I am. I mean, Avarice was exciting, but this is like a whole other level of super-ridiculously excited! The kind that makes you break out into a happy dance you’d never want ending up on social media. 🤣

There’s no release date to announce just yet. Too many things can happen to delay it, so just know that I’m trying for some time in February. I’ll be sharing teasers, excerpts, and (hopefully) a promotional tour sign-up for bloggers in the near future.

If you didn’t read Hearthstone Alpha when it was available under my old publisher, here’s a quick rundown:

The Midgard Úlfrinn series is about a pack of Wolf Shifters who were created by Odin from the essence of his companions, Geri and Freki. Hearthstone Alpha and Hearthstone Queen make up the duet that kicks off the series, following Reyna and Corbyn as the main characters. Every book after that will follow a new couple as the main protagonists until the end, all while continuing the same story arc.

The series is Paranormal Romance, but I wanted something unique to that genre, so I dove into the lives of the entire pack, rather than just focusing on the main couple. I’ve also included an assortment of supernatural beings from other mythologies, some of which are quite uncommon.

Speaking of cliches, I also did away with the overdone trope of beta wolves fighting to become the new Alpha. As Úlfrinn, you’re either born with the Alpha gene or not. There’s no fighting for the position.

So, if you like slow burn paranormal romances with a lot of heart and an endless supply of unique elements, then you’ll really enjoy this series!

• • • •

❤ Learning about the Old Norse sagas, myths, and language has been one of the greatest experiences when it comes to writing this series. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed weaving as much factual lore into the storyline as possible, even while maintaining creative license. Do you appreciate fictional books that introduce more accurate details than reimagined ones?

❤ Úlfr is pronounced ‘Oolf’ and means Wolf. Úlfar is plural (wolves). Úlfrinn is the species as a whole.

❤ Midgard is what the Old Norse called Earth. They believed there were 9 worlds in all, but only Midgard was home to humans.

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  1. I am an absolute nerd for folklore, mythology and fairytales and Norse is a particularly rich culture. Hot werewolves are always good too. 🙂

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