About A.C.M.

Greetings from the writing cave! I thought it was time to update the old bio a little since it’s been nearly a decade since I first created this space. If you’re already a follower, welcome back, and thank you for your continued support. If you’re brand new here, then allow me to introduce myself:

I’m an Indie author who began with a publisher but am now 100% free of the creative shackles. Erotic Romance and all its savory sub-genres are my absolute favorite to read and write. I have a weakness for Hard Ass Alphas with bad attitudes, and it’s icing if they’re supernatural to boot. I write strong women. No matter how submissive or demure they are, they have a core of strength and the willingness to admit their flaws/evolve and grow—not just demand that of their men. I have no tolerance for one-sided, hypocritical romances. Though some clichés are inevitable, I’m constantly devising new, creative spins to put on classic tropes.

A Little Personal Insight

I’m a writer. Therefore, rambling comes naturally to me (shocking, I know). More often than not, I fight with my muse because she’s a fount of ideas with very little follow-through. I have more unfinished stories collecting cyber dust than I care to admit. I’m the mother of two young men and am biasedly proud of the amazing individuals they are. My favorite moments are the ones that make me laugh so hard it hurts all over—the more inappropriate, the better. I like my snacks salty, my chocolate dark, my men intellectually irresistible, and my football American. 

A Little Background

I spent my wee kinder years in the hometown of the Brothers Grimm, but Deutsch I no longer sprechen. I come from a family of musicians, artists, and a long list of survivors, so I’m a natural-born rebel who’s a HUGE advocate for creative freedom and can’t imagine my life without the arts. I feel extremely blessed to have been raised by an outspoken mother with unwavering convictions. She’s the bravest person I know who would rather take a beating than see another human suffer any abuse or prejudice. Our entire open-minded, accepting, supportive, and (self-proclaimed) hilarious family has been gifted with her influence, teaching us to stand for our fellow humans no matter where they came from or where they’re headed. So, fellow human, you rock! Just thought you should know. 🙂

Finally, I want to take a moment to thank all of my readers, whether you’re following my blog or reading my books—THANK YOU! You’re the best, and I look forward to connecting with you here, through my newsletter, or on social media. Drop me a line in the comments, or feel free to use the Contact form below.

Keep Rockin’,

A.C. Melody

27 thoughts on “About A.C.M.

  1. Hey quick Q: I’m sleep deprived but didn’t notice any Facebook, goodreads, or twitter links. You use any of those so I can properly stalk you? 🙂


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