Collar Me Foxy

Dark Day Isle, Book 1 • Erotic BDSM Romance

Welcome to Dark Day Isle, the ultimate kink resort located on a private island in Fiji. “Fun in the sun” takes on a whole new meaning for Tessa during this tropical getaway—and getting auctioned off to a wealthy, French businessman interested in pet play is just the beginning.

*This book is FREE on most retail sites!*


Dark Day Isle, Book 2 • Erotic BDSM Romance

Return to Dark Day Isle, where things are really heating up for Tessa and Master Felix in this next installment. There’s more kink, more challenges, a whole new evening activity—and pineapple.

Avarice Collection

Hell on Earth series, Books 1-3 • Erotic Paranormal BDSM Romance

All Kami wants—aside from her hot, billionaire boss—is to make money and find the occasional sadistic bastard to scratch her masochistic needs. The last thing she expected, was a Devil waiting to introduce her to a Hellish world she never knew existed.

Box Set • HEA • No cliffhanger


Hell on Earth series, Book 4 • Erotic Paranormal Romance

Take a slight detour from the Seven Deadly Sins, and follow Kami’s best friend, Zoe Bankes, as she battles her own Hellish problems.

Sometimes, giving into Temptation is the only way to survive.

Full-length novel • HEA • No cliffhanger

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