Cover Reveal ♥ Redeemed by Brie Paisley!

  Cover Reveal   Redeemed by Brie Paisley  Worshipped Series  Book #3     Jason I’ve lived in total darkness for as long as I can remember. A dangerous place where pain, love, not even remorse was felt. My world was filled with blood and death until the day I met Karen. Little by littleContinue reading “Cover Reveal ♥ Redeemed by Brie Paisley!”

Cover Reveal ♥ Always Wanting by: Alex Grayson!

  3..2..1..   COVER REVEAL!       My name is Abigail Summers, and I’m addicted to sex. Yes, you read right. I’m a woman that craves… no, needs to have a man take my body on a daily basis. If I don’t have sex at least once a day, my body shakes from withdrawals,Continue reading “Cover Reveal ♥ Always Wanting by: Alex Grayson!”

Cover Reveal ♥ ALIAS by Anita Cox!

Anna Markov has had a long and lonely road as an undercover agent. After a year away from home, she anxiously awaits her return to Houston…and Darwin’s bed. When she finally makes it home, things do not go as planned. Not only does her handler find her favorite hiding spot, while she’s waiting for herContinue reading “Cover Reveal ♥ ALIAS by Anita Cox!”

Book Title: In the Best Interest of the Child Author: Felicia Denise Genre: Women’s Fiction/Psychological Release Date: September 17, 2016 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions Ten-year-old Olivia Chandler has a school she loves, good friends, a nice home, a talented mom, and a successful father she adores. Tragedy rips all of this away from her,Continue reading

Cover Reveal ♥ Reaper by: Geri Glenn!

3..2..1..   COVER & BLURB REVEAL     Anna   I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life.  In fact, some of them almost ruined me. But I am a good person.  I want to make amends.  I want to fix things with my sister and finally have my life back.  I want toContinue reading “Cover Reveal ♥ Reaper by: Geri Glenn!”

♥ AVARICE Cover Reveal is Here! ♥

Devils Only It was a permanent note-to-self tattooed right above Kameo Kross’s panties, because anything less was a disappointment. Had anyone cared to issue the warning: Be careful what you wish for, she might have thought twice before wording it like an actual invitation. Kami doesn’t fear pain, death or eternal damnation. She fears onlyContinue reading “♥ AVARICE Cover Reveal is Here! ♥”

Cover Reveal ♥ Carter by: Brie Paisely!

Cover Reveal Carter by Brie Paisley The Harlow Brothers Book #1 Photograph by Christopher Correia from CJC Photography Cover model: BT Urruela Cover model: Jessie Reis Cover designer: Rebecca Pau from The Final Wrap Carter She was the one for me. The one that I knew would be nine forever until I made the biggestContinue reading “Cover Reveal ♥ Carter by: Brie Paisely!”

Cover Reveal ♥ Collar Me Foxy!

Blurb Tessa Fauns has but one dream: Move to France and never leave. So when she’s offered the chance to get enough money, while putting her bilingual skills to use, how can she possibly say no? The fact that it requires her to join a select group of Club Vitalz submissives for a week-long kinkfestContinue reading “Cover Reveal ♥ Collar Me Foxy!”