We’re in a Magazine!


Yep, that’s Avarice up there in the top right hand corner! 🙂

In all honesty, I completely forgot that I had even submitted for this months ago, so it’s not really a surprise to me, but it’s still exciting to see the results at last!

Indie Authors Monthly is a brand new e-magazine and best of all it’s Free & chock full of Indie resources, helpful articles, author spotlights and yes… even AWESOME ads (like Avarice!) 😀

I was given this opportunity through the Goodreads support group: Navigating IndieWorld Discussing All Things Indie. This is truly an amazing and supportive group for Indies and they’re really open to collaborative blog events, self-promoting and their discussions are endlessly insightful! Plus, the atmosphere there is very friendly and welcoming. Best Selling Children’s Author, Carole Roman is one of the group mods and she is frequently offering amazing, can’t-find-anywhere-else promotional opportunities – Like stuffing your printed books into the swag bags at Hollywood Awards Shows and running ads on Podcast sites.

My books don’t qualify, even if they were in print, no S-E-X allowed in the grab bags!

If you’re not already a member, I highly recommend the NIW group and they have a new website where they advertise Indies with their own author pages, and love getting guest blog articles!


♫ ♪ “And I think to myself, what a wonderful world…” ♪♫



Book Trailer for The Zen Lounge!

Well, it only took me all week, several pots of coffee, a lot of frustration and many, many hours of editing – BUT I finally did it!  I made my very first Book Trailer. Check it out:


I used the program Kizoa, because it’s a lot easier to navigate than Windows Live Movie Maker and has way more options.  Still a pain for those who’ve never attempted to make a book trailer before, though. If you plan on trying your hand at it, make sure you have the extra room in your budget for stock photos, videos & music – also, be prepared to have your patience tested… a lot!   🙂

Feedback is welcome & appreciated, good or bad!

“Police! Open Up!”

“How did we not hear any of this upstairs?” Sahara asked in awe over the loud, brassy number the redhead onstage was gyrating her hips to.
Noise was everywhere, from the din of voices at the bar, to the slot machines lining the walls on the open second level. The catcalls, whistles and creative suggestions from the audience around the stage were the loudest and most enthusiastic, of course.
“The penthouse is completely soundproof,” Berlin answered.
“Oh,” Sahara replied, before looking at him quizzically. “Why the penthouse and not the club?”
Berlin looked down at her, lust still swimming in his eyes from the scream Damascus had lured out of her diaphragm. “You really have to ask?” He countered. “What happens in Vegas, still gets reported to the Vegas P.D. I doubt they’d buy that we have a pension for horror movies and a damn good surround sound system.”

Hot Water #WIP
A.C. Melody