Movie Review ⚔️ King Arthur: Legend of the Sword


Warning: This entire post is one giant spoiler, and it’s not nice. It’s riddled with blatant dry sarcasm and that’s being as pleasant as I can manage, so read at your own risk.

If you’re like me and love the brilliant directing style of Guy Ritchie (think Sherlock Holmes movies), then you’ll understand my sheer disappointment with this new addition to the (cough) “King Arthur” cinematic list. Where his signature influence shined through the most was in the way Arthur, played by the sexy as all get out, Charlie Hunnam (better known as Jax on Sons of Anarchy), could talk circles around just about anyone he came up against with a very ‘Holmes’ way of laying out a play-by-play of how things were going to go down before it had even started.


Apparently, this comes from Arthur growing up in a brothel, with a hardknocks education, gaining street smarts and cred in medieval Londinium, which is astoundingly larger, more diverse and ‘citified’ than it had actually been during the 5th century. Even as a child, he proved to be smarter than everyone else and that never changed – there are no humbling moments for the future king in this film.

Now, before I even really touch on the “Arthurian” inspired aspects of this movie – I have to say, I wasn’t at all that impressed with the lack of storyline beyond it, either. It was just interesting enough to keep watching – but there were no real meaty bits, it was all quite shallow, never delving deep enough for me to feel a lick of empathy for any of the characters or their woes. This was essentially a G-rated action movie (no graphic blood or gore) with special effects, that’s it. If that’s your thing – you’ll love it.

To see the potential in a story and not have it fulfilled, is possibly more disappointing than anything else. But from the very opening scene, the writers of this movie FAILED beyond epic proportions to successfully connect this to any known Arthurian tale or theory in existence. I guess they figured they could hide behind the thin veil of “inspired” without anyone getting pissy.

Right off the bat, the movie starts by showing us the All-Star line up. We’ve got Eric Bana playing Uther Pendragon, with Jude Law as his (un)faithful brother and Djimon Hounsou as his most loyal knight. What could possibly go wrong? Apparently even David Beckham was in this movie – but I must’ve been too distracted by the mountain sized elephants with Illuminati inspired pyramids on their backs to notice.


Opening scene, we have Uther Pendragon fighting the big baddy warlock controlling the before-mentioned titanic sized pachyderms – Mordred. Yes, you heard that right, Mordred. You know, the bastard son of Arthur and Morgan Le Fay (Morgana) who’s responsible for fatally wounding dear old dad and ending Camelot altogether? Yeah, same guy, only he’s not, because he’s killed by Uther before Arthur’s even old enough to potty train. But this isn’t just a battle between Uther and the future grandson he’ll now never have, it’s to explain the catalyst between the “people” and the “mages” who’d been living in harmony for centuries – sound familiar? It was called the rise of Christianity in Pagan Britain – a very historical and prevalent feature in the Arthurian Legends. Again, the writer’s were vaguely “inspired” to try and create some kind of storyline here, but it only lasted for about 5 minutes.

So, Mordred’s dead and the Mages are forced into hiding, and all is well in Camelot, except Uther wasn’t supposed to be so bad ass and actually win. His jealous, power-hungry brother, Scar…er…Loki…er…I mean, Vortigern had secretly made a pact with Mordred to kill Uther, so he could become the King of Camelot, himself.

I’m sure the writers were well aware of the option they had here to make Vortigern the name of the warlock defeated by Uther, and name his brother Mordred, instead, so at least there was SOME kind of blood relation between Mordred and Arthur, especially since his “uncle” is the antagonist to Arthur’s hero – they just decided not to. I don’t recall ever hearing about a Vortigern Pendragon in the Arthurian legends, but Vortigern is one of those really obscure, debated names in British history, therefore free game under creative license – and is played by Jude Law.


Now, I love Jude Law and always will – he’s a favorite actor of mine and the man is aging very well, I might add. Still hot. He gave this role his best effort, with what little he was given to work with, he strove to pull a couple of emotional punches and fully embrace his character’s narcissistic evilness. Especially, when we see him trudge down to the ‘cave’ bellow the ‘tower’ and sacrifice his beloved wife in order to call upon… Ursula the Sea Witch? I could’ve sworn that this being “Merlin’s Tower” it would be the cave where he’d left the dragons, but wtf do I know? This movie is merely “inspired”. I guess the CG department just couldn’t pull off dragons under castles in Britain after spending so much skill on ginormous African elephants with pyramids…in Britain.

We fast forward 30 years with a very Guy Ritchie montage of Arthur getting those street skills and building his coffers and gang of street ‘knights’ – because Arthur should never have been a young king, so let’s make him pushing 40 without a wife or heir or throne – and this is probably why he’s such a reluctant hero, because the life-expectancy of a male living in poverty in 5th century Britain had to be like 100-150 years.  So, he’s got time, right? And how is this amazing story arc triggered? The lake in front of Camelot just suddenly drains without explanation to reveal a sword stuck in a stone.


Vortigern knows exactly which sword it is and how it got there and now he’s angry, because the fact that it’s been revealed can only mean that the son of Uther is still alive and kicking…asses…primarily of the Viking sort, who aren’t invading, pillaging or plundering, they’re there on business? Rather than wait for the bastard to find him, Vortigern sends his Stormtroopers…er…Blacklegs out to haul every boy, teen and man (the crown’s too heavy to manage simple arithmetic) to try the sword and when they fail, they get a consolation prize of being branded with a hot iron on their wrist. Arthur, being the impatient street king of thugs that he is, doesn’t want to be the only one left un-marred, so pushes his way right up to the front of the line and pulls the sword from the stone – but not without some severe side-affects that knocks him out cold – because, how else could he wake up in a dungeon cell for his big reveal “you are the true king of Camelot” moment? Duh.

I have to admit here, that I actually liked the way Arthur couldn’t just wield the sword. The idea that this thing is so powerful, it not only takes physical effort but a kind of ‘mental’ stability – was a plus – just not enough of a plus to make up for the rest.

And guess what sword it is? Excalibur. I know, I know… Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone were TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SWORDS – but remember, this is just “inspired” by legend. Very, very loosely…and fraying at the ends. And hey, they squeezed in some rushed explanation with a quick flash of some Lady in the Lake to make it all reasonably plausible that they could of in fact been the same sword. 😐 Not buying it? Yeah, me neither.

Determined to keep the crown, the arrogant King John…er…Vortigern sets out to squash all hope in the people by executing their one true king in a public display of evilness – Robin and his merry men…dammit, I mean the “resistance” and “The Mage,” of course come in and save the day, and Arthur finds himself now their prisoner.


The Mage – literally that is the character’s name, I’m not even joking – has the power to control animals by seeing through their eyes … shit, where have I seen this before? (What, no Game of Thrones fans here?). Another montage of their long as hell journey to the hidden cave/liar of the Resistance ensues, where you think that maybe a love story is going to blossom between Arthur and the Mage, but it doesn’t. Remember, there’s no room for story here, only action and macho posturing!


Does Arthur’s wardrobe look familiar to you, too? (Charming from the Once Upon TV series). You’re welcome.

In the cave we are reunited with Uther’s most trusted Knight, played by Djimon Hounsou who you think is going to call upon his mentor-type character from Gladiator, to impart some much needed wisdom and humbleness onto Arthur – but NOPE – Arthur’s already smarter, remember? Yet, whenever you have a group of people trying to push a reluctant hero into doing what’s right, there’s always that good cop, bad cop duo at the forefront. Sir Bedivere’s partner in this respect, turns out to be…. Littlefinger?


Okay, so I can see how this went. Poor Aidan Gillen is contacted by the head honchos, because who else can pull off those ground sweeping tunics? But he says “I’m tired of being typecast as the exceptionally intelligent, strategical, manipulative genius of a villain (cue screen shots of GoT and the Scorch Trials), I want to play a good guy for a change!” So, they make him stupid and he hits like a girl, but he can shoot a bow from 175 yards with unerring precision – and in a very un-Lord Baelish manner, his desire for vengeance supersedes his intellect, which leads to their discovery, followed by a Guy Ritchie meets Blair Witch Project escape through Londinium. Don’t ever say the man doesn’t have range as an actor now.

In between those two incidents, Arthur is dragged to the Land of the Lost…er…the Darklands – where everything is a hundred times bigger than him and he’s on the menu – to supposedly learn how to wield the sword. Or, get through the memories he has some mental blockage about, that will allow him to use it properly. And you think he manages it by the end of yet another montage – this one quite comical – but NOPE. So, when they all get cornered in their escape through Londinium, the sword says “screw this, I’m not waiting on you anymore” and takes over. Excalibur borrows Barry Allen’s metahuman quickness, turns Arthur into The Flash with Whitewalker eyes, and he doesn’t remember a thing – still, most everyone is able to escape.

But, to keep the scorecard even and the hero on the right trajectory, the bad guy wins a victory by managing to capture one of the wounded and torturing him for information (at least we have to assume that’s what happened, but it wasn’t shown, because then the audience might have actually felt something for one of the characters) and the Imperial Troops storm the Rebel base and everyone is murdered except the only two people Arthur could possibly care about – thus backing our reluctant hero right into that proverbial corner and giving him no choice but to fight for the crown he doesn’t want – by issuing the typical ransom note of “bring the sword, or the hostages die.” Bwahaha – again, the evil laugh has to be assumed, because it wasn’t shown.

There’s a giant snake, some venom voodoo stuff the Mage puts together and of course the epic ending battle, which happens in the predictable fashion of the hero coming a breath away from losing and instead of the bad guy just killing him, which would be the most true-to-character thing Vortigern could have done, he wanders away – I’m assuming to contemplate how he’s going to celebrate his assured victory – and just leaves Arthur lying there long enough to finally break that mental barrier at last and gain his full power, rising up to defeat the bad guy with renewed energy and purpose.

Then, the writers remembered: “Oh, snap, we’re supposed to be telling an Arthurian “inspired” story!” and we fast forward to the new King Arthur uncovering a round table and knighting his knights with Excalibur, but before it can just end there, the Vikings reappear to claim a bounty promised by Vortigern, because they come from that rare and now extinct Scandinavian tribe known as Das Wusses – more macho posturing ensues – and Arthur basically shames the Vikings into bowing before him – declaring that they are kneeling before England.

Um. What? Is this a joke?

In case anyone missed their history lessons, England is derived from the Old English word Englaland, which means “Land of the Angles” – the very invaders King Arthur was attributed with defending his homeland against, so it sure in hell would never have been a word he ever called his own kingdom. Ever. Arthur would’ve been a Celtic Briton, or in some theories half Roman, half Celtic, he would not have been from any of the Germanic “Angle, Anglo-Saxon” tribes that invaded, nor would he have ever heard the word Englaland, let alone England, uttered in his time. You’d think an entire English production, cast and crew would know at least THAT much about their own history!

I’m all for exploring different angles on well-known legends. I love being made to think of something a different way, pondering its plausibility, marveling over the possibilities of its accuracy. Marion Zimmer Bradley did an astounding job of this with the Avalon series (the Mists of Avalon). Even the 2004 King Arthur movie with Clive Owen as a Roman soldier named Artorius, Kiera Knightly playing a woad version of Guinevere, and the knights of the round table as Sarmatians forced into military servitude to Rome, was a very thought out “different, yet makes you wonder” approach to the legends.

I’m even all for being just entertained by a movie that has absolutely NO historical significance – BUT, if you’re going to attach a movie to a historical legend, then you damn well better OWN IT – not hide behind “inspired” or “based” upon as a way to insult the intelligence of your audience! If Guy Ritchie and the writers just wanted to make an action movie set in medieval times then they should’ve just done it by making up their own character names and back stories. This movie was a mockery of both the Arthurian Legends and British history from the word go. It’s just too bad so many big names are attached to it. Though, I guess that’s what happens when you can’t make a movie stand on its own.

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My Review 🌹 Bait


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Title: Bait
Author: Jade West
Genre: Dark-ish Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 ‘s


A stranger online. Dark hair and even darker eyes that knew my dirty desires before I did.
A fantasy that should never be spoken. But he pulled the confession from me.
And now he’s coming for me.
Rough. Dirty. Dangerous.
It’s supposed to be one night to get me off and make me forget.
He’ll make me his and I’ll pretend I don’t want him to.
I’ll run and he’ll chase.
Because I asked him for this.
I begged him for this.

Tonight, in the darkness, he’s the hunter.
And I’m the bait.

🌹 My Review 🌹

I’m a new reader of Jade West, admittedly because I’m often disappointed by all the hype – that was so not the case this time! New reader, and definitely a new fan. I will commence with the cyber-stalking momentarily, first my review…

Abigail Summers is crazy effed up – seriously. She doesn’t even deny it. She’s fully aware that her needs, desires, fantasies, are borderline psychotic in their insanity. After suffering a horrendous, emotionally and physically gutting experience, she’s run to a new town, new job, to start a new life. Yet, she’s not living. She’s merely going through the motions, skimming the surface without any desire to sink below the surface, because nothing makes her feel alive anymore. Nothing, except for the monster who haunts her dreams. The one she’s been running from most of her life. The one she stopped hoping to escape, and yearns to finally feel the terror of being caught, of being ripped to shreds…anything to feel alive again. Her dreams never let her get that far, so she takes the chance of finding her monster for real by confessing her fantasy with a new online profile. It was crazy stupid, she knows that, and the first 20 or so responses she gets only confirms it. Then, Phoenix Burning replies.

Leo Scott is still burning, scars itching, trapped in that inferno in every possible way. He’s stuck in the aftermath of a real life nightmare that cost him the woman he loved, the brother he used to know, and nearly the business they’d all built together. For over a year, he’d done nothing but focus on the latter, putting all of his blood, sweat and time into rebuilding Scott Brothers from the ashes. His son won’t talk, his sister won’t listen, and his brother won’t stop seeking vengeance. Every day, seven days a week, it’s the same routine. He runs…and never gets anywhere. Because, the guilt won’t let him. Because, the one night he chose not to chase Mariana, was the night he couldn’t run fast enough to save her…to save any of them. When he reads the girl’s online profile, reads her fantasy, he swears it could’ve been Mariana’s ghost who’d penned it and the monster he’d long since buried wakes up with a vengeance. Bait wants the chase, wants what comes after, and Leo’s monster is more than willing to make her nightmares come true.

Maybe then, they can both start feeling alive again.

We all get preconceived notions about a book by its blurb or cover, and let me tell you – they won’t do you any good with Bait. This book was INTENSE. It will lure you in, captivate you and then it will make you squirm, sweat, your heart will race, you will be sublimely uncomfortable, start questioning your own mind and you’ll love every freaking minute of it. The pacing was perfect, allowing the reader to really get in, get deep into each character before their world’s actually collide – and that was such a thrill for me.

This book is not a quickie. I wasn’t able to read it all in one sitting, but had to walk away, give myself a moment to breathe and absorb, before rushing back to find out what happened next. The emotions of each character are full, heady, dripping off the pages – Leo’s are more vibrant and in your face than Abigail’s, but only because he’s dealing with other people who were just as affected by his tragic past as he is.

I won’t add spoilers, just know that this book has everything you could ever want. Drama, suspense, dark, heart-pounding and enticing erotica, the PIERCINGS, OMG – gripping emotions, family turmoil, realistic character development, tragedy, friendships, heart – it will make you feel insane and happy to be there – and then, when you think it couldn’t get any better, it will still manage to surprise you.

Read it!

This is an Honest Review of a book that I purchased. I was not given any kind of compensation from the author in exchange for it, to include an ARC.

My Review ♥ Daddy Morebucks



My Review

Title: Daddy Morebucks
Author: Normandie Alleman
Series: Daddy’s Girl Series
Genre: Erotic Romance-BDSM (DD/lg)
Rating: 4 ‘s

Warning: This review has some unavoidable spoilers, read at your own risk or better yet, just read the book!

This was a very light read and a nice change of pace. It’s not a fast read, because the book is full length, but Normandie’s style flows so smoothly I read it all in one sitting – albeit, an all day sitting – but I enjoyed it too much to put down!

Marley (or Harley) is one of those protagonists that’s easy to relate to and I never felt so disappointed in her reactions or decisions that I ended up disliking her. She’s levelheaded, mature and despite knowing the tragedy of loss and the neglect of an alcoholic parent, she doesn’t let those things define her. Like James notes in the book, she never feels sorry for herself or her situation, she just trudges onward. Even her one questionable idea that ended badly was something I found realistic and could relate to. She just wanted to show James how grateful she was for all he’d given her, and felt she had nothing else to offer. How she reacts afterward was a bit too drastic for her character, but I think the author built her prior emotional state up enough to make it as equally understandable, as it was questionable.

James LeBlanc is a good Daddy Dom, maybe a little too good, but he’s also a veteran in the lifestyle so that makes it more believable. I liked that he was family-oriented with a big group of friends. That was an excellent balance to Marley’s solitary existence, and was a way he could provide a more wholesome life for her, other than just having money.

Unfortunately, he dropped the ball when it came to Marley’s bad ‘Christmas present’ idea. Especially, since part of it took place in his POV where he’d thought about how it’s his job to be able to read a sub’s body language – yet ends up completely missing all the signs of Marley’s sudden change in demeanor?

Yes, I can see this “Christmas present” scene playing out in real life. There wasn’t anything unrealistic about it – but it was a jumble of mistakes a “vanilla” couple with no prior BDSM experience would make – not a seasoned Dom and an experienced “little girl” in between Daddy’s. Marley was the only newbie in the room, so why was she being deferred to by the ‘experienced ones’ and allowed to lead the party, especially with no prior discussion or ground rules being set into place? The two biggest things that struck me as really off was, James didn’t use a condom, even though the author made sure to include that between him and Marley earlier on, which I appreciated – here he is with a woman he’s never met before, and he doesn’t suit up? That was a pretty big oversight.

Two, the playing didn’t stop when Marley left the room. That should’ve been immediate or James shouldn’t have allowed her to leave – or better yet, her wanting to leave, should’ve been a big slap in the face that something was seriously wrong.

Misunderstandings happen, I get it, but this felt more like an attempt to add tension between the characters, when all it really did was go against the personalities I’d been reading up to that point. At the same time, I honestly don’t want to make a mountain out of a mole-hill, when it’s such a tiny blip in the grand scheme of an otherwise, very enjoyable read.

I did wince every time Marley called James “Daddy” out in public with no care as to who was listening. If there was anything unrealistic about this book, that would’ve been it, not only that he didn’t put a stop to it, but it wasn’t headline news in the Dallas society pages the next day. He was known by sight at Neiman Marcus, but no one thought to call the gossip columns? Eh… It was kind of sweet and romantic why he didn’t shut her up, though, so I didn’t get too hung up on it.

In conclusion, this is the perfect book if you’re looking for a break from high-strung emotions or suspenseful action. It wasn’t overly deep, and Marley doesn’t spend enough time with any of the other characters to feel a real connection to them, rather it keeps the focus on her and James’s relationship. I definitely felt their connection all the way through the book, and that’s the important part. Their chemistry never faltered and I loved that.

There was nothing super tense, or dramatic and it won’t pull on any of your deeper emotions, but if you like well-paced, sweet reads with kink that make you smile more than anything else, you’ll definitely enjoy Daddy Morebucks!

Available on Kindle Unlimited


This is an Honest Review of a book I purchased. I was not given any kind of compensation from the author in exchange for it, to include an ARC.

My Review ♥ Free, a novella

Free_full cover


My Review

Title: Free, a novella
Author: Felicia Denise
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Length: Novella
Rating: 5 ‘s

I first started reading “Free” on Felicia Denise’s website and like all of her readers, I was captured, pulled right into the highs and lows of the main character’s story. Lennie and her memories are so real, I felt as if she’d taken me by the hand so I could walk beside her, a silent witness to the ‘walk-through’ of her life. I was so happy when the author decided to turn this into a novella and even more thrilled with the promise for more!

Though shorter than I wanted it to be, don’t let the size of this *Ahem* prequel, fool you. It is cleverly stuffed to the point of overflowing with emotions; good, bad, ugly and joyful. So, stick some Kleenex in your pocket, grab a glass of wine and meet Lennie on the threshold of the Porter House on Linden Lane, because this is not a read. It’s an experience.

Lenore ‘Lennie’ Porter is every woman. She’s not perfect or overly flawed, she’s just human. A loving daughter, supportive wife, successful entrepreneur and dedicated mother. Her story is all about the joys, hardships, tragic loses, mistakes, fears, illnesses, frights and turning points that brought her to the present. Simultaneously, it’s about those little moments within the bigger ones, that become the linchpins of future outcomes. Those moments of regret, revelations, tough choices and self-honesty.

The memories she shares are full of family bonds, endearing friends, and a cowardly bully of a husband. Most revolve around her three sons and range from laugh-out-loud humorous, to heartwarming, to downright heart-wrenching.

I honestly can’t say much more without completely spoiling it, but if you are a reader who enjoys learning all about another’s life through their eyes, then you will love Free! This is not a romance – though, I am really, really hoping that will come next – and it’s certainly not a fairytale. This is one woman’s journey back to self, through the realistic obstacles life throws in her way. Or perhaps, it’s merely the beginning of a discovery of the woman she’s hoping to become…I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

In a final note about this novella, I can’t end without expressing that Felicia Denise’s style is such that even her antagonists don’t get to just exit stage left without evoking some kind of empathy from her readers. To take a clear picture of bad and turn it into something a little more human is sly, underhanded and brilliant. It’s a true talent to nudge the emotional table off center for the reader with such a brief insight. Yet, in less than a page, it happened. You’ll just have to read it to believe me!

Only 99¢!amazon-logo_transparent

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Review ♥ Explicitly Yours


Title: The Complete Explicitly Yours Series
Author: Jessica Hawkins
Genre: Erotic Romance / Love Triangle / Revenge
Rating: 3 ‘s

WARNING: This Review is one giant page of Spoilers and 100% Honest. Proceed at your own risk.

I’m a new reader of Jessica Hawkins, and I can’t deny my love for her writing style and the depth of her characters. This review does not reflect my overall opinion of the author, and I will be giving her books another shot, I just have to lick my wounds first. Since this is a collection, I’ve broken my review down for each book and the rating I would give them, individually:

Possession / 5 ‘s:

To begin, this is an ‘Indecent Proposal-esque’ story, but I was immediately enthralled by Possession. I loved not only the instant chemistry between Lola and Beau, but that he didn’t just sweep in, make his offer and leave. Nothing about this book was cliché or predictable. The progression of Lola and Johnny’s contemplation over Beau’s offer was extremely believable and real. I fell in love with Lola, because of her relatability in those matters of the heart, where she begins admitting things to herself about her relationship with Johnny she’d known for quite some time, yet had been ignoring. Her first night with Beau was not only off the charts sweltering, but endearing in those moments where he proved in so many little ways how he already appreciated the ‘real’ Lola far more than Johnny ever had. I was not surprised she wanted to run back to him – I wanted to run back to him! Needless to say, I was completely enraptured with this book and couldn’t wait to read the next.

Domination / 5 ‘s:

I was immediately taken by the way night two with Beau didn’t just happen. That it was a realistic, roller-coaster ride of uncertainty, soul-searching and emotional highs and hard-hit lows between Lola and Johnny, before the decision was actually made. However, it did start to drag a bit, as if the author needed to stall the reader more than she actually needed the time to relay pertinent information. The best part is there’s really no ‘bad guy’ in this love triangle. Both Lola and Johnny have had a hand in the slow destruction of their relationship that has nothing to do with Beau. That was refreshing and very realistic. I know I keep repeating those words, but this exact style of writing by Jessica Hawkins is why I’m not giving up on her as an author, yet it’s also why this review was so troubling to write. At the end of Domination, after softening us up with some suspenseful action, some deeper heartfelt moments between Beau and Lola, our world is shattered and the truth behind Beau’s obsession with Lola is finally revealed. I was striding right out of that hotel room with Lola, 100% on her side the whole time and just as heartbroken, but I loved that she didn’t go back on her plans to end things with Johnny. I applauded that despite what happened between her and Beau, she still recognized that her relationship with Johnny was over and needed to be.

Provocation / 2.5 ‘s:

Provocation is where my love for this series began it’s gradual decline, but I held out hope the author wouldn’t let me reach rock bottom. My first issue was that it began 3 weeks into the future, then kept jumping back to show us how Lola and Beau had gotten to present day. That was pointless, the book could’ve been written chronologically without losing any of the information and would’ve been far less annoying to read. I was on board with Lola’s initial idea to get a little revenge on Beau, because he definitely needed to be taken down a few notches and his character is so pure in itself, only getting a taste of his own medicine would work. But, I’m not a fan of eye-for-an-eye revenge plots, if they don’t eventually evolve into a more meaningful outcome. I felt fairly confident, knowing the characters thus far, that it would turn out to be a good thing. I was wrong. I kept waiting for Lola’s plan to get to the point, but it became painfully obvious the only thing she would be satisfied with, was being the victor. Eh… hypocrite much? It took her 2 nights to fall so deeply in love with Beau that she spends 3 weeks plotting her revenge? Perhaps, if the 3 weeks had continued the same way their 2 nights had gone, I would believe that, but instead she spends 3 weeks playing second fiddle to his work, with all of her days and nights alone in a cold, empty house. That should’ve completely disenchanted her, cooled her lust, love and resentment. Instead she allows his love of money to feed her single-minded obsession with vengeance to the point where I was really beginning to doubt my loyalty to her as a character. She’d quickly become a much bigger lying fraud than I ever saw from Beau. Whatever happened to two wrongs don’t make a right? And why is my heroine turning into the villain?

Obsession / 0 ‘s:

My love and enjoyment of this series went from slow decline to rapid nosedive with its final book. By the time I got half-way through Obsession, I was already done. I was angry that I was being forced to travel around the continental U.S. with the self-righteous coward, Lola, whom I no longer had any feelings for. I had already stopped being on her side, so I started skimming over the details. I just didn’t care enough to read it word-for-word, because NOTHING was going on with Lola. She was traveling and thinking, and none of it meant anything. She never once owned up to her own mistakes out loud, so her ability to think about it was inconsequential. The only reason why I wanted to read the ending was because I’d invested so much time and energy into the story. I think the attempt to sidetrack us with the development between Brigitte and Warner was too much, too late. At this point, they were getting far more screen time than I could stomach. I didn’t care about them and it felt, once again, like a stalling tactic. The best part about his entire book was the reconciliation between Lola and her mother, but even that was tainted by the one plot point I absolutely despised, the very one I feel was worse than anything else – a pregnancy. Are you kidding me? I nearly threw my laptop the moment Lola realized she was pregnant. I actually stopped reading, deciding I was for sure done. Beau was the one who drew me back in. I wanted to see him get his ending, whatever that may be.

It was wrong. All of it was 100% wrong. By the time Beau finally catches up with Lola – at the very end of the very last chapter, which is not nearly enough time to reconcile anything –  I had switched sides and then some. I despised Lola a thousand times more than I’d ever been angry with Beau. I didn’t want her to get a happy ending anymore and the final argument that was supposed to resolve their MASSIVE issues in just a matter of seconds was asinine. It was Lola throwing a temper-tantrum, because it was happening before she was ready and not on HER terms. Girl needs a serious reality check. And if she’s still clinging to all of that resentment, that means this relationship is far from being “fixed” and there should be at least a whole other chapter afterward to convince me (the reader) otherwise. There is absolutely no trust mended between them, because they haven’t spent a single second of the entire book together and very little in the book before it. Lola was no longer in the right by any stretch of the imagination. She had surpassed all of Beau’s wrongs by miles and then to add a baby on top of it! I’m sorry, but these two characters shouldn’t even be together anymore, let alone having a kid together – a baby does not make this a better HEA – it makes it worse!

I’ve never started out loving a series as much as I did this one, only to end up despising it so much. I was the one left feeling betrayed, cheated and heartbroken – and not in empathy of the characters. There were a million other ways to show Beau getting a taste of his own medicine and the time he needed to start becoming a better man while Lola, too, started coming down from her revenge tower and admitting her own mistakes. But, they never spent any time together to make that happen. Lola never returned to being the woman I felt supportive of and wanting to root for in the beginning. To have seen both of them evolving into better people would’ve made this series end on such a high, satisfying note. But it didn’t. This entire book dragged on, using time the characters needed to start healing their relationship TOGETHER, rather than moving at a turtle pace – completely apart – to what felt like a rushed stand-off that only proved why there should be no relationship at all.

“I want to gut you of your dignity” is not a phrase you spew at the person you supposedly love five seconds before forgiving them and walking off into the sunset. If a woman can’t trust a man without ‘gutting him of his dignity’ first, then she has no business being with him – or anyone else for that matter, as she clearly needs time to detox from the power trip she’s gotten addicted to.

I write some pretty messed up characters, but even I felt like Lola and Beau had reached a level where their relationship was purely toxic and unhealthy – as in DO NOT PROCEED – and the author really should have reeled it back – on both sides – because in no known universe, fictional or otherwise, had their dynamic developed into anything remotely heartfelt, let alone deserving of a HEA. Therapy, definitely, and a lot of it.

In the end, I’m left feeling crushed by the weight of disappointment that only hurts more for how much I want to praise the first two books.

This is an HONEST review of a box set that I purchased, I was not given anything by the author in exchange for it.

My Review ♥ MOTO by: M. Never!



What’s harder than resisting one Dane man? Resisting two.

I don’t date bikers. It’s my one cardinal rule. No rough, rugged, tattooed egotistical maniacs on two wheels. Even if they are gorgeous, brilliant, and sport the prefix Doctor. Bottom line, bikers are nothing but trouble.


Dr. Devlin Dane has had his sights set on my panties for months. But I’ve done a stellar job of fending him off. As Mercy Medical’s most eligible bachelor, he has no problem in the panty dropping department. He’s tall, dark, and inked all over. I get the appeal, I’m not dead. I’m not stupid either. He’s a walking heartbreak waiting to happen.

But when Reese Dane comes crashing into my life – literally- the game suddenly changes.

Reese, the dark, brooding, motorcycle racing champion, knows exactly how to apply the right pressure on and off the track.

The two have an unstoppable pull like centrifugal force, and both bad boy bikers are determined to take me on a high-powered ride I’ll never forget…

My Review

Title: Moto
Author: M. Never
Genre: M/F/M Menage-Moto Racing-Erotic Romance
Rating: 4.5 ‘s

First off – there is no cover in the world HOTTER than Moto‘s. Of course, that’s not what makes it a good book, but it sure doesn’t hurt it, either!

It took me awhile to finish Moto and not because it wasn’t good, but unfortunately a lot of overzealous fans kind of spoiled it for me before I got the chance to read beyond the first few chapters, so I was very reluctant to go any further.  I spent the whole time turning every new page on bated breath, waiting for the spoiler section to happen and that doesn’t make for the greatest reading experience.

However, I will attempt not to post any spoilers here, because I definitely recommend reading it! I’m already a fan of M. Never, so I might be a little biased, but Moto is a seriously super-sexy, sensual and emotional journey that spanned a lot further than I expected.

Kayla Kincade is a nurse at the local hospital in her small hometown who spends most of her shifts brushing off Dr. Devlin Dane’s advances. Raised by her aunt Sam, a local cop, Kayla is far from being one of Dev’s easy scores, despite her undeniable attraction to him –  it’s his motorcycle that stops her.  She’d sworn of bikers a long time ago, when an irrevocable choice ended in tragedy and had her fleeing from that wild world for good. Unfortunately, there’s two of him!  And when Dev’s identical twin brother literally crashes into her life, Kayla’s resistance discovers that there is nothing more powerful than a double dose of Dane determination.

Dr. Devlin Dane has never met a woman, especially a nurse, that he could not conquer until Kayla. Not only is he young, attractive and a successful cardiologist – he’s an inked Moto with a penchant for kink – so, he’s got all of the boxes checked as far as female desire goes.  Yet for the past year, he’s gotten nowhere with the only woman he really wants.  And just when he finally breaks down her defenses and secures his first chance – his twin brother shows up to turn everything upside down.

Reese Dane lives his life on the edge, and why shouldn’t he? He’s at the top of his game, getting ready to defend his Moto Grand Prix Championship Title for another consecutive season.  On the track, he’s known as the Phantom, because by the time his competition even sees him coming, he’s already leaving them in the dust.  A nomad by nature, he wants to be anywhere but stuck in his nowhere, USA hometown – luckily, he’s got a spunky, hot ass nurse to keep him from going completely insane. And when he convinces Kayla and his brother to hire her as his at home nurse, the real fun truly begins.

I can’t get into the story details too much more without spoilers. I would love to give this book 5 ‘s, but there were a couple of key points that kept me from doing so. One was that for most of the beginning of the book there is a continuous, in-depth criminal story line that made me feel it was going to play a huge part in the book, but never did. In fact it could be taken out of the book altogether without ruining it, because it ended up having absolutely nothing to do with the main characters or how their stories turned out at all.

The second key point was the lack of emotional bond/tension/connection between the twins. As all sibling have issues, Dev and Reese are no exception, and that part is thoroughly fleshed out, however – their issues are never resolved. I felt disappointed that they never really addressed their problems, came to blows, something! As intense as both of their personalities are and given Reese’s circumstances, it just didn’t seem realistic to me that there was never a breaking point for them that they could move forward from.  It was also very disappointing that Dev didn’t man up and address his issue with both Reese and Kayla after a particular incident, rather than just standing by his reaction without any attempt to work it out or at least discuss it (Ugh, trying not to spoil anything here, but it’s hard!).  When you read it – and I still suggest you do – you will understand what I’m referring to.  In my opinion, his reaction and then lack of backpedaling and trying to fix it as a mature, consenting adult, didn’t put him in a favorable light at all and there was really no fleshed out redeeming of himself done, either.  It kind of felt like Dev was abruptly abandoned as a full character, which sucked because I was already emotionally invested in him just as much as Reese and Kayla.

Despite those two things, the story as a whole has good balance between humor, extremely hot sex scenes, emotional angst, heart-melting sweetness and unexpected twists and turns to keep you wondering and reading.  Outside of the story, itself, I would also recommend reading M. Never’s Acknowledgments in the back where she goes into more detail about the idea and creation of the story, adding more depth and perception to the overall reading experience.


This is a True & Honest Review for a book I purchased, I did not receive anything from the author in exchange for it, to include an ARC.  The photo and blurb are from the book’s Goodreads page (link above).