Book Trailer for The Zen Lounge!

Well, it only took me all week, several pots of coffee, a lot of frustration and many, many hours of editing – BUT I finally did it!  I made my very first Book Trailer. Check it out:   I used the program Kizoa, because it’s a lot easier to navigate than Windows Live Movie MakerContinue reading “Book Trailer for The Zen Lounge!”


“You look like shit.” Hilo looked up at him, his brows rising slightly in emphasis. “Pot calling the kettle, pal.” “How much of that Cognac did you drink?” Voryk asked. “Enough that I should not, under any circumstance, condition or natural law of physics, be coherent or conscious at this moment.” The Zen Lounge A.C.Continue reading “Inebriated”

Saturday Sass No. 3

Voryk turned to see Nexlana studying the richly felted billiard table. “It’s called pool,” he answered, crossing to her. “Would you like to try?” Smiling up at him, Nex nodded. […] “You don’t want to learn this game from him,” […] “Oh, good, you rack then,” Voryk countered with his own dark smile. Hilo did,Continue reading “Saturday Sass No. 3”

Saturday Sass

Favorite time of the week… oh, wait, that’s just about always! 😀 I know I’ve mentioned only a few hundred times, that I absolutely love nothing more than a book that can make me LOL for realz.  I try to incorporate that same humor into my own novels, but not everyone shares the same senseContinue reading “Saturday Sass”

Two Some?

Well, it’s not a two-for – but, I do have two very exciting announcements to share!  The first is that Hearthstone Alpha has been accepted by my editor! It was actually accepted yesterday, but I’ve been filling out the forms for it, so it took me a second to get on here, sorry for theContinue reading “Two Some?”


Happy Tuesday all!  Just another tour update here: Today I will be cyber-hopping between  Behind Closed Doors, blog spot of Laurie Jenkins with another exclusive interview – and – the WordPress blog of romance author, Jacey Holbrand with a guest post, written by yours truly. Both sites offer a ton of reviews, giveaways and newContinue reading “Cyber-Hopping”

To Dragon or Not to Dragon?

Is anyone out there familiar with the Dragon speech-to-text software?  Not the free sample that comes with your phone’s swype keyboard, but the actual computer program?  I’ve been wondering if I should try it or not, since my hands keep having problems.  Of course, I don’t exactly write the kind of books I can speakContinue reading “To Dragon or Not to Dragon?”

We Don’t Wanna Talk About It

Yeah… that sports thing that happened on Sunday.  We’re not speaking of it, but we still love our team! That’s the way it should be.  We don’t, however, have to love that blasted Chevy commercial that gave us all heart failure for like 3 seconds!  Not okay, Chevy! Not okay! Now, for some happier, farContinue reading “We Don’t Wanna Talk About It”

Tour Update

Hello WordPress! We’re at again, a new week and another new chance to join in the fun! Starting this morning, The Zen Lounge and I will be visiting with Lauren Seiberling at Romance Novel Giveaways!  And that means more exclusive insights into the book and the opportunity to submit your entries to the rafflecopter! Also,Continue reading “Tour Update”

A Bad Time To Be Broken

Hello blogalites! Holy happy meals batman, it has been forever since I’ve been on here and I won’t be long tonight. I’m currently pecking the keys like a novice, due to a pinched nerve causing pain and swelling in my fingers.  (I know, it’s so much fun!)  It couldn’t have come about at a worseContinue reading “A Bad Time To Be Broken”