Chapter Series

Welcome to my Chapter Series page.  Follow the links below to review the original posts. I hope to expand, as I quite enjoyed this ‘challenge’ and it has been a little over a year since I’ve attempted such a thing.

A Preamble of Sorts

Chapter I: Infinite

Chapter II: More Than One

Chapter III: Revelations Begun

Chapter IV: You Are Here

Chapter V: Destiny in the Details

Chapter VI: A Matter of Existence

Chapter VII: Vestiges

Chapter VIII: A Kind of Recovery

Chapter IX: Higher Education

Chapter X: Choices

Chapter XI: My Companion Revealed

Chapter XII: The Long Way Home

Chapter XIII: Veins of Death

Chapter XIV: The Final Decision

Here are a few random posts that feel more like single chapters than anything else.  Some were inspired by the plethora of unpublished works clogging up my hard drive and others by the Daily Prompts.  Hope you enjoy!

Death Comes After All

The Prince of Fallen Kingdoms

Thank you for reading!

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