Dark Day Isle Series

Dark Day Isleseries

Welcome to Dark Day Isle, the Ultimate Kink Resort on a 15 acre private island in Fiji. Whites sands, frilled palms and 100 playful kinksters enjoying seven days and eight nights submerged in wicked debauchery. So what are you waiting for? Grab an umbrella drink, your favorite toy and dive into the naughty fun…

Book 1: Collar me Foxy


$10,000 and an all-expense paid getaway at a kink resort? What’s the catch?

Tessa Fauns has but one dream: Move to France and never leave.
So when she’s offered the chance to get enough money, while putting her bilingual skills to use, how can she possibly say no?
The fact that it requires her to join a select group of Club Vitalz submissives for a week-long kinkfest in paradise is just the icing on the cake!

Unless, it’s too good to be true…

Despite all of her experience in the BDSM lifestyle, Tessa isn’t prepared for the extravagant activities their mysterious host has planned—nor the clash of unexpected emotions her new temporary Dom awaken inside of her.
Can a lifelong dream be enough to keep this little fox on her leash, or will the truth behind her Master’s desires have Tessa rethinking her place on Dark Day Isle altogether?


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Collar Me Foxy Teaser 1
Collar Me Foxy Teaser 2(1)
_Ma petite renard._

Book 2: Scavenger

Final Scavenger Cover

It’s day two of the exclusive getaway on Dark Day Isle, and Felix’s smoldering lust isn’t the only thing to greet Tessa come morning. A list of challenges awaits her; finding the courage to confront her Master, devious tests of kink designed to push her limits and an unpleasant punishment that effects more than just their temporary dynamic.

Afternoon events provide insight on the getaway’s purpose and leads them deeper into the resort’s naughty, fetish-catering amenities. Tessa and Felix’s individual struggles are interspersed with visiting friends, unexpected triggers and a meeting of competitive spirits during the evening’s activity.

When Tessa’s true feelings about the cage are revealed, so is one of Felix’s well-guarded secrets that leaves her stunned. Now, Master expects to learn something from her in return and Tessa dreads what he might deem an even exchange for a truth he never

wanted her to know.

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